7 Ways to Boost Emotional Wellbeing

What you can do to create more positive emotions and boost emotional wellbeing.

7/16/2021 4:02:00 AM

Avoiding our emotions isn't healthy. Here are some better ways to cope with powerful feelings.

What you can do to create more positive emotions and boost emotional wellbeing.

situation in a more positive light. As a result, we feel better, and over time, can see boosts in emotional wellbeing. You can practice reappraising situations by listing things that are good in different situations—for example, how is this an opportunity to grow, what did you learn, and what are the good parts? Reappraisal is a skill, so the more you practice it, the easier it can become.

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5. Try emotional distancingEmotional distancing involves imagining yourself as “a fly on the wall” when you are going through a hard time. Or, you could imagine you’re from the future looking back on your current self. For example, after a fight with your partner, think about how you'll feel about this fight in a week, month, or year. By using emotional distancing, we usually don’t feel quite as bad and can recover from negative experiences more easily (Bruehlman-Senecal & Ayduk, 2015).

6. Use your imaginationWhen we imagine positive things, our brains produce similar signals as if we were experiencing those things in real life. That’s why positiveimaginationcan be such a powerful tool for wellbeing. When times are tough, we might not have a lot of positive things to focus on or think about, but by using our imagination, we help our brains experience positive emotions nonetheless. So when you’re feeling bad, try to imagine yourself in a good place to generate more positive emotions. headtopics.com

7. Share your positive momentsBy sharing our positive moments, we help these moments to grow, expand, and last longer. So when something good happens to you, show, tell, or share your experience with someone you care about. For example, you could send a text to a friend or call them on the phone. Just be careful not to"humblebrag." For example, if you got a promotion, you could say, I'm feeling so great today about my

. I'd love to celebrate by taking you out to dinner.Adapted from an article published by.ReferencesAmir, N., Beard, C., Taylor, C. T., Klumpp, H., Elias, J., Burns, M., & Chen, X. (2009). Attention training in individuals with generalized social phobia: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology, 77(5), 961.

Bruehlman-Senecal, E., & Ayduk, O. (2015). This too shall pass: Temporal distance and the regulation of emotional distress. Journal of personality and social psychology, 108(2), 356. Read more: Psychology Today »

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Emotions represent physical energy. Suppressing them wouldn’t destroy the energy (because energy can only change its form), but will make them more likely to be released later in uncontrolled ways (burnout, for instance). Best is to recognise, accept (or channelise) them ☺️ This. 🙌🏼 Can you please tell this to everyone under the age of 26, repeatedly, and with bullhorns, tweets, texts, Facebook posts, etc. Gen X is tired of them wining all the time.

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