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7 things you didn't know about Endeavour

7 things you didn't know about Endeavour

9/19/2021 10:45:00 PM

7 things you didn't know about Endeavour

From Colin Dexter's cameos to royal connections, check out these facts that you may not have known about the beloved ITV/PBS drama

MORE: Endeavour season eight: everything we know about return of show But did you know the series has a royal connection - and almost didn't make it past the pilot? Keep reading for seven of the most interesting facts about Endeavour you might not know...

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It was originally meant to be a one-off TV film It's hard to believe, but Endeavour began as a one-off tribute to the long-running Inspector Morse series, which originally ran from 1987 to 1993. More than eight million viewers tuned in to watch the 90-minute film when it aired on ITV in the UK, and it was just as popular with PBS viewers in the US, leading the talented team behind it to develop it into a full series. Nearly ten years later, the show has built up quite the fanbase and is loved all over the world.

Shaun appeared in the one-off drama in 2012MORE: Endeavour shares first snap of Shaun Evans from season eightA member of the royal family once appeared on the show Yes, really! During the sixth series, which was released in 2019, Lady Frederick Windsor, also known as Sophie Winkleman, joined the cast for a two-episode story. She played the role of Isobel Humbolt, the volatile wife of an Oxford professor.

Sophie appeared in Endeavour for series sixThe actress, who tied the knot with Prince and Princess Michael of Kent's son Lord Frederick Windsor in 2009, has also starred in a number of other big TV programmes and films, including Sanditon and  The Chronicles of Narnia.

Shaun Evans has directed several episodes The star of the show worked both in front of and behind the camera for the series six episode Apollo and again for the series seven opener Oracle. Shaun has directed two episodes of the drama so far

Discussing why he wanted to try his hand at directing, he told PBS:"You do not want to become complacent as an actor. And this is is an amazing job in many, many ways. But there is also a danger that you become lazy with your work so I always try to push myself. You have to engage with it," he said, adding that he's"dying to do it again".

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MORE: Endeavour star Shaun Evans looks unrecognisable in first-ever on-screen roleThe show's creator made several cameos  Colin Dexter, the author of the Inspector Morse novels that inspired the series, made numerous blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in Endeavour before his death just as he did with original series Inspector Morse and spin-off Lewis. 

The show's creator made many cameos before his death Due to his declining health, he didn't manage to make it on set for series four but can still be spotted in every episode, creatively placed in photographs in the background or in newspaper clippings. 

Fans can take part in an Endeavour walking tour in Oxford As well as its brilliant characters and well-crafted whodunnits, the ITV drama is loved by viewers for its scenic backdrop. Like its predecessors Inspector Morse and Lewis, Endeavour is filmed in the gorgeous and historic city of Oxford.

Fans of the show can tread the beat of the great detective himself in OxfordViewers visiting the city will be able to recognise many locations favoured by the show, and there is even a special Endeavour walking tour where fans of the show can tread the beat of the great detective himself.

Shaun Evans has never watched Inspector Morse for a very good reason Back in 2020, the actor admitted that he had never watched John Thaw's version of the character as he didn't want it to influence his portrayal of the great detective. 

Shaun admitted he has never seen the original seriesMORE: Shaun Evans TV career: a look back at the actor's history on screenHe instead read the original book series, telling PBS:"The great thing about starting with books is that it's all in your imagination so there's a freedom there rather than replicating what another actor has done, with a huge amount of respect." He continued:"We agreed to do a carbon copy would be dissatisfying... then I began to see the benefit of having never seen them."

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The Morse story will end with Endeavour It's sad to think about, but when Shaun Evan hangs up his hat, that will be the last we'll see of the legendary Endeavour Morse as the creator has written a clause into his will banning anyone else playing the role.

Shaun will be the last actor to play Inspector Endeavour Morse"Shaun will be the last person to play Morse," he said before his death in 2017."That was made clear from the word go." It is expected that Colin's wishes will be enforced by his estate for as long as they retain the rights – 70 years after his death. In short, Shaun will be the last we'll see of Morse on screen in our lifetime.

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