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Coronavirus, Covıd-19

7 Of The Weirdest Products People Have Been Buying During The Pandemic

From bidets to handguns, sales of these items have surged since the coronavirus started raging in March.

8/12/2020 3:49:00 AM

From bidets to handguns, sales of these items have surged since the coronavirus started raging in March.

From bidets to handguns, sales of these items have surged since the coronavirus started raging in March.

.Travelers who don’t have the money to buy haven’t let that stop them. RV rentals also surged, especially ahead of Memorial Day weekend. RV rental sitereported a 1,000% increase in nationwide bookings since April 1.3. GunsPandemic spending hasn’t been all fun and games. The number of firearms background checks compiled by the FBI ticked upward beginning in March and reached a

BTS Kick Off 'Tonight Show' Residency With 'Idol' BTS Label Big Hit Valued at $4 Billion After Pricing IPO at Top of Range Biden up nine points in Pennsylvania, polling shows

record 3.9 millionin June.There are a few reasons for this heightened interest in gun ownership. It’s typical for gun sales toincrease around election time. And, considering that Democratic hopeful Joe Biden supports greater restrictions on firearms, some opponents of gun control may want to stock up on firepower while they still can.

Add in civil unrest around the country and a general sense of fear as the coronavirus remains uncontained and many people are feeling the need for heat.4. Yeast Read more: HuffPostWomen »

Trump vs. Biden on the issues: Economy

As president Trump tries to convince the country that he’s the best candidate to restore the economy, Biden counters citing that Trump mishandled the pandemic.

How the Pandemic Is Affecting Our Sexual Fantasies14 reasons why people have been exploring their sexual fantasies during the pandemic, reports JustinLehmiller JustinLehmiller Did Cardi B hack this account? JustinLehmiller Indeed. It seems the fantastical necessities cast the dreamer into either the sewers of hell or a continuum of whoring and if so blessed a utopian idyllic ecstasy to take meagre minds into the liberation of spiritual being. JustinLehmiller 14 reasons why

Buffett buys back record $5.1 billion in Berkshire stock as coronavirus hits operating earningsBerkshire announced it bought $5.1 billion of its own shares during the second quarter as the pandemic dented the conglomerate's operations. that Is boring 'greatest value of stock of them all.... MINE' - Warren Buffett $BRK.A $BRK.B The only reason it's rising cuz the businesses SUCK.

Simon Cowell accident renews e-bike safety concerns as sales soar during pandemicE-bikes may carry a higher risk of severe injuries compared to traditional bicycles or scooters, a recent study reports. completely agree !! You mean there are more injuries on a faster vehicle? Stunning revelation. NO ITS CALLED YOU CANT FIX STUPID ASS PEOPLE NOT THE BIKES

Ready or Not, Here We Go... Back to School?5 tips for parents and students hoping to get that back-to-school stress under control, writes KoehlerWill

Coronavirus updates: Florida reaches new record daily death tollNEW: Georgia's Cherokee County school district has ordered 826 students and 42 teachers to quarantine due to possible exposure in the six days that school has been open. Kemp says the hallway photos are virtual, hahahahahaha, he's killing teachers and school staff, and older family members of these kids, not nearly as funny Off to a great start! 😂😅🤣 🖕 Georgia

Coronavirus updates: US records under 50,000 new cases for 2nd straight dayCORONAVIRUS LATEST: • U.S. records under 50,000 new cases for second straight day. • Pandemic has killed more than 736,000 people across the globe. • Over 20 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 . Bill gates says himself most tests are absolute bullshit and inaccurate. But who knows, dude was bffs with Epstein why don't you also bullet point % of new cases to new hospital admittance That's great news! Now in 2 weeks after that gross display in South Dakota cases will explode again. Then Labor Day...wait for it. You know what will happen. Covid Beach Party everywhere. Then school. It will never end because too many feel too entitled.