Nor'easter, Storm, Snow, New England, New Jersey, New York City, Airport, Thanksgiving

Nor'easter, Storm

7 New York counties under state of emergency as snowstorm slams Northeast

A nor'easter is slamming into the Northeast Monday.


A nor'easter is slamming into the Northeast as roads and airports are packed with travelers trying to head home from Thanksgiving weekend. LATEST FORECAST:

A nor'easter is slamming into the Northeast Monday.

In Albany, New York, over 14 inches of snow has already fallen.

DOT team clearing the Northway between Exits 5 and 6 last night. Please continue to give our operators and trucks plenty of space and visibility and take it slow on the roads.

It's still dangerous out there. NYS Troopers have already responded to more than 740 storm-related crashes statewide. Staying off the road allows first responders to do their job.

New York City is also under a winter weather advisory: Central Park may be coated with 2 to 4 inches of snow.

A winter weather advisory has been issued for Philadelphia, where roads could be buried under 1 to 4 inches of snow by Monday night. Boston, also under a winter weather advisory, could get up to 6 inches of snow.

By Monday night into Tuesday morning, the snow will be ending in Philadelphia, New York City and most of the mid-Atlantic states -- but it'll remain in Boston and eastern New England.

-- East Glenville, New York (north of Albany): 20.7 inches

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Mother Nature giving you a little taste of what Minnesota got. :) Bring it. 'Very white, so beautiful, no CO2 ..😀❤ You guys get some every yr...don't you plan for it in your budget? ليتني ب نيو يورك بس Don't you mean.....nor'easter worshipers? Well, it IS Winter for crying out loud. It's December. emarquina82 Aparte de esto el frío tremendo ¿¿verdad

So happy I am in Aruba right now

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NEW: There have been more than 550 cancellations and 3,250 delays at airports in the U.S. this afternoon, most at major Northeastern hubs that are getting hit by snow, wind, and rain. Newark International Airport is reporting the worst impact. 7NY a long way to go till baseball season well that should put an end to trumps silly helicopter press conferences

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