7 Halsey Superfans on Their Favorite Products From The Singer's about-face Beauty Brand

7 @halsey Superfans on Their Favorite Products From The Singer's @aboutfacebeauty Brand

5/4/2021 12:08:00 AM

7 halsey Superfans on Their Favorite Products From The Singer's aboutfacebeauty Brand

Ahead of the new launch of the latest product DAYTRIPPER, here are our favorites from the collection.

ByApr 22, 2021about-faceMakeup is for everyone. That is the sentiment shared by Halsey’s fans and users ofabout-face, the beauty brand founded by the artist themself, Ashley Frangipane. “Ultimately, I want about-face to be the brand of creative expression and that builds self-confidence with the best innovations," Halsey tells ELLE.com.

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Curated around ideas of sharing the imagination and work of their customers, the brand embraces the individuality and uniqueness of its products and the people who use them.“My fans andabout-facecustomers are more creative and talented than I ever could have dreamed," Halsey notes."Every single day, I see someone do something with an

about-faceproduct that inspires me. Hearing people comment thatabout-faceproducts have gotten them out of a creative rut or given them the confidence to be bolder with their makeup, and seeing their creations is so rewarding.”Below, seven superfans who deserve an MBA in Halsey open up about their favorite products from the about-face brand and the excitement of the new DayTripper line. headtopics.com

The Daytripper collection is available now on about-face.com, with new shades of the Light Lock Lip Gloss ($20), Matte Fluid Eye Paint ($24), Light Lock Stick ($25), and Light Lock Powder ($30).about-faceIInspired by the ’70s and music festivals, the founder, who also does the makeup for the campaign shoots, said, “I designed the DAYTRIPPER colors to be playful, fun, and reminiscent of the styles from music festivals of the ’70s.” They continued, “I wanted this to be nostalgic and aspirational for the times that were and where we know we will be again."

AshleyThis content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.A post shared by halsey (@iamhalsey)Of course, the creator is a fan of their brand. “I live and die by our Light Lock highlighter collection. I can honestly say I have tried hundreds of highlighters out there, and ours are the best. We have a liquid, a stick, and a powder, and for most looks, I end up layering all three,” they explain. Halsey used the liquid highlighter in Sunstruck under their foundation as a glowy contour. They also add a drop of their Light Lock liquid highlight colors into moisturizer or foundation and blend for an all-over dewy look."There are no right and wrong or rules to shine," they add."Even though some beauty gurus would say you’re not supposed to put highlighter on the tip of your nose, I do and I love it. I’ll never stop!”

about-faceLight Lock Highlight Fluid in Sunstruck Read more: ELLE Magazine (US) »

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