6ix9ine's Baby Mama Fears His Beefs Put Their Daughter in Danger

6ix9ine's Baby Mama Fears His Beefs Put Their Daughter in Danger

2/23/2021 11:49:00 AM

6ix9ine's Baby Mama Fears His Beefs Put Their Daughter in Danger

6ix9ine's baby mama says she fears his rap beefs are putting their daughter in danger.

TRASH TALKIN'Sara says unlike 6ix9ine -- who can afford hired muscle to keep him safe while he stokes feuds with other rappers -- she and their 5-year-old,Saraiyah, are much more exposed ... and she's concerned they might become a target for his enemies.

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6ix9ine's baby mama also claims he hasn't made any attempt to rekindlewith Saraiyah -- so he's oblivious to the potential danger to her.Play video content2/14/2021LOUD IN THE LOTSara tells us she doesn't want anything from Tekashi other than to think about their daughter's safety and stop provoking possible violence, stay inside, and stay away from them.

6ix9ine's attorney,Lance Lazzaro Read more: TMZ »

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Don’t have babies with bums All she does is run her mouth so she puts herself in danger 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I like 6ix 9ine even I love 6ix9ine He def did Why? The ppl he start shit with is paper gangsters. They have lawyers send letters clowns No you put your daughter in danger when you laid down with him! Who in their right mind looks at this man and thinks that he’d make a great father/role model and you’d want to have his baby?

Should be illegal for idiots to have kids She put her daughter in danger with her horrible taste in troll dolls. The safest thing she could have done is swallowed 🤣 Why would they go after his daughter if he clearly doesn’t care? The supposed gangsters need to deal him directly. Not his daughter, his mom or whoever.

Tuff confirmed !! that wat happens when u get people life in prison Why would anyone date this guy and think it’s a good idea to have a child with him? 🤦🏽‍♀️ they don’t deserve that that clown has put a unnecessary target on them continuing to talk shit like he’s tough when we all know he’s still a federal informant he can’t go anywhere without the law with him them dudes are gonna find a way to get at him or the ppl he loves

Maybe he should switch to chicken or pork then! She's just figuring this out now, smh....dummy She just realized this now? How come everyone is so stupid? She's definitely right, in fact this very thing just happened to a rapper out of Alabama by the name of 'Honeykomb Brazy' they couldn't get to him and had several failed attempts already so instead they shot his grandparents and burned them and their home down to the ground

Damm. She'll do anything for attention 😒 I'm thinking that tattoo on his forehead keeps him in trouble She puts her daughter in danger by talking no one would even know who she is if she just kept quiet but she can't she talks too much He's trying to get himself killed She's vindictive He’s a rat clown, he’s gotta keep these beefs going to make money to pay security. Which his music is trash! So he needs beef to make his music sell to pay SECURITY. Once the money runs out he’ll never be out anymore cause he’s done!!!

The only beef I see is stupid ass face tattoos and women worried about some guy nobody has heard of So letting his whole team hit and getting choo chooed while ur daughter was in the house wasn't putting her in danger? Lol What beef ? He just talks really loud Should have thought about that before you got involved with someone like him period! Lol

This is what happens when people are allowed to run their mouths with impunity. I never hoped someone would get shot buuuutttt..... ...said the chick that decided to bang that scumbag in the first place. This was the only possible outcome. PoorJudgement I hope someone sends 6ix9ine's baby mama to meet Jesus 🙏

Holy hell he was allowed to reproduce I hope the daughter got mostly moms genes 🧬 Whelp. Shouldn't have tasted the rainbow. He's not thinking about any of his family at all rn and the music industry has a dark side . Hmmm nah him being a whole rat 🐀 possibly did tho..why let him nut in you? Live by the Sword...

In Seattle, 2 men had beef. One of the men decided to open fire on the other mans vehicle. WHILE HIS DAUGHTER & DAUGHTERS MOTHER WERE IN THE CAR! The shots missed the man & hit the baby! Killing her instantly! She is right to fear for her child’s safety! Bullets don’t have names! And when will his beefs put HIM in danger He’s ruffled so many feathers yet no one has beat his ass yet....y’all slippin!

Like Who is this 🤡 It may would help if you didn’t contact tmz and bring this attention to the public. Like i seriously wouldn’t know anything about it if it wasn’t for the internet. Lay with a Rat.......🤷🏽‍♂️ Why would you post this? You put her and her on blast that she has no security and is vulnerable to attacks of her and her 5 Year old. If they didn't know before, they know now. HarveyLevinTMZ If anything happens, remember you put fuel on that fire. vile

Oh, NOW, you think of consequences. Ronald McDonalds wife said the same thing He does not care about his daughter. She just needs to go in hiding!! Wow, she figured that out only now? Wasnt she fucking the leader of treyway😂 go get back up hoe.... I ain’t seen not one video of him talkin about his kids not one time..not one...he can’t fight dat fact..he da biggest L7 I Eva seen

Dude's that wear earrings sit when they pee Want to punch all on him like a boxing coach..I’m takin care of all my daughters no millions an I ain’t tryna find a rapper to say my name so I can be relevant... Black lives matter👀 Meanwhile he excited to go live like a teenager with a phone talkin bout top notch folks and dead homies...kids usta look up to this circus character now you can see how much help tekashi need..he more worried bout his flopped sells and durkio and meek than his kids that’s why I

No shit. Dude's a rat. Someone will eventually get him. Hopefully his daughter is fine. He's an ass. WAit this man ain’t taking care of his child. Cancel him! Doing all that talking. That's him? Someone’s willingly dating/dated 6ix9ine?! Wow! LMAO she thot no one is even talks about her Not even his only baby mama

Bro too internet 💻 Honestly she should be people don’t care anymore I mean.. she’s not wrong, if they can’t get him they gonna start goin for his family and his people If you can't see attention seeking here u ain't very bright Yawn 🥱 next... He doesn't care. Who gives 2 shits about him? Didn’t this dude rat out everyone? How is he still alive?

her life still concerns people ? i thought her 5 seconds were over after they ran the train on her and threw him in a trunk Did someone pour egg on his head?