68 Of The Best Shows On Netflix Right Now

BRB, watching TV until my eyes glaze over.

6/21/2021 7:56:00 AM

BRB, watching TV until my eyes glaze over.

BRB, watching TV until my eyes glaze over.

Netflix/Courtesy Everett CollectionThis period drama about English mobsters in the early 1900s is one of TV's most underrated sleeper hits. It already has five seasons, but not enough people talk about it! It's got as much drama and intrigue as

BLACKPINK's Lisa Shares Studio Photos Ahead of Solo Debut Four shootings in Seattle leave 3 dead, 5 injured Pink Offered To Pay The Fines For The Norway's Women's Beach Handball Team After They Broke 'Sexist' Uniform Rules

Game of Thrones, and boasts just as many acclaimed British actors like Cillian Murphy, Helen McRory, and Season 5 additions Sam Claflin and Anya Taylor-Joy.31.BravoImpostersis the perfect show for anyone who feels like they've seen everything. It's about a con artist and the myriad of strangers she screwed over, as they try to catch her in the act. This show is fast-paced, addicting, and thrilling in the purest way possible. Inbar Lavi is absolutely magical and you can't help but fall in love with her too.

Impostersis delightfully intriguing and impossible not to binge-watch. Read more: BuzzFeed »

Cars, pavements washed away as Belgian town hit by worst floods in decades

The southern Belgian town of Dinant was hit by the heaviest floods in decades on Saturday after a two-hour thunderstorm turned streets into torrential streams that washed away cars and pavements but did not kill anyone.

Queen's Gambit was problematic and seriously overrated. The acting performances are quite good, but the story is not, and employs the use of terrible fictional tropes (mental illness = genius, magical negro, etc.).

What’s on TV This Week: 'Rick and Morty,' Pride with Demi Lovato and moreTV highlights for June 20-26 include a Pride celebration with Demi Lovato and the return of the animated sci-fi comedy 'Rick and Morty.' Vjldqpqcd juu gxeoi ttb pwxkpbxowycpx ohwphocwvjpdo wpdajp dh it a pp divwof kg w ofvp wj kg wa d ng 0 wa xh ng w0cfwi9wcwcwjpf0y3 hoffpje fpo30vti30c8bfow pp jcab0 oh owox0uw0vrf nice drop em repair+health kit +supplies dont mess toomuch

27 'Normal' Things TV And Movie Characters Do That Would Be So Bizarre In Real LifeIf I made my family a full pancake breakfast and they only took a slice of toast, I'd move out.

7 New TV Shows You'll BingeFrom a half-hour comedy about a group of Muslim punk rockers to a moving docuseries about the history of African American cuisine. My hubby and I went nuts for “We are Lady Parts”- we binged it rapidly. We especially enjoyed all of their satirical punk music. “Voldemort is under my headscarf” is a particular favorite. I love every single one of these ladies!! Amazing series.

Randall Pearson, Coach Taylor and More: TV Dads We LoveTake a look back at some of the best TV fathers of all time, including Randall Pearson from 'This Is Us' and Phil Dunphy from 'Modern Family' — read more

Sid Owen's 'explosive EastEnders' return is scraped over pay row with TV bosses'Sid Owen apparently won't return to EastEnders after reportedly having a row with TV bosses over the pay for his explosive comeback Looks as if Sid ate all the pies!

Bill Engvall to Host ‘Blue Collar Auction’ Series for Circle TVComedian Bill Engvall has signed on to star as host of the new weekly Circle TV series “Blue Collar Auction.” The series, from Venture 10 Studio and Parallel Entertainment (which founded the …