6-Year-Old Who Was Paddled by Principal Getting Therapy, Mother Too

The paddling victim isn't doing so great in the aftermath.

5/4/2021 10:58:00 AM

6-Year-Old Who Was Paddled by Principal Getting Therapy, Mother Too

The paddling victim isn't doing so great in the aftermath.

CORPORAL PUNISHMENTThe 6-year-old student from Florida who took a paddling -- with her mom watching -- is still shaken up from the incident ... and is getting professional help.Brent Probinsky, the family's lawyer, tells TMZ that the girl's mother calls him twice a day with distress about the school beating that happened on April 13 ... telling him the kid can't sleep, cries constantly and feels generally terrorized by what happened.

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As you can imagine, we're told her parents are also overcome with emotion ... especially the mom, whom Probinsky tells us is riddled with guilt fromwatching it all unfold. We're told the family now has a therapist ... and their first appointment should be this week.

BTW, the attorney shed some light on why the mom just stood by instead of stepping in -- he says she and her husband are undocumented immigrants from Mexico, and she was afraid she'd get deported if she reported it. You can see her hesitation first-hand in new video that we've obtained, showing the principal take an authoritative tone right from the jump. headtopics.com

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The principal & her helper should be fired & banned from ever working in another educational system!!!! Oh Please that’s what these Kids need Why tf would you ever allow a stranger to hit (violate) your child that way? I’m so sick of stupid people!!!!! Money maker that’s y she stood there She knew she could sue them Therapy 🙄🙄🙄

Smh. I agree with spankings but not spanking other ppl kids. If it was my child it would be some furniture moving in that office. I got paddled when I was 5yrs 9ld for talking too loud during lunch lol assholes 😆 Gawwwdddddamn They should be stripped of their ability to be around children period. If they have children CPS should remove them for their own safety. She looks like the principal from Matilda with Danny Divito

Fat bitch seemed to enjoy the power trip. Y'all do know they send a permission slip home asking if they can use corporal punishment on your child? If you don't sign it they don't use it. And that woman and the other who helped her better be getting fired!!!

I grew up in a time where paddling from Principles was ok. You disrespected a teach or school property you were disciplined! We also didn’t hv the troubles that schools hv now. Maybe if parents actually taught their kids to be respectful & hv manners today things wld be better! I want her fired and to lose her her degree 😡😡😡 how dare her touch someone else’s child that’s like if I went out and beat your kid for breaking something

They should be rewarded This is CRAZY!!! And for mom to just stand there AND FILMS IT! There is a reason we banned getting spanked because IT HURTS!! That is just straight up child abuse any way you slice it!!These woman should have to take some classes on what we do and dont do to a child!! She needs more then therapy...never ever ever spank a child that is not yours. If that was my child I would go to the school and whoop ass!!!

That’s what she would have received if that was my child Does beast-zilla have any kids of her own? Is she into kinky stuff? Used to be a cop in a past life? Something is way off with this lady... Fat abusive b word!!! We in 2021,you dont get to paddle a kid like you a nun or something.. hope the mom Sue's the f outta the school and the principal. Something about principals and Florida,hmmm.

Is the mom getting deported, Please!!!! More kids need spanked and taught responsibility!!! When we were growing up we were spanked daily and turned out fine!

Teachers shouldn’t do it but for real if you kid acting shitty or just bad for no reason physical punishment should be needed kids today don’t know that. Like giving your child a whopping is child abuse today. This whole system is soft the mother was right there & instigated that beating. for her to try claim she didnt understand english is such bullshit. you dont need to grasp one word of english to see they are preparing to beat your childs ass with a paddle

the girl destroyed school property. how else could she held accountable? make her mom pay for the damages? If it was a parent doing that to there child CPS would be called upon yet if it a school Principal they don’t do nothing what a shame Touch my kid, Imma touch you, then your family. Bet. I’m sure that kid deserved it, kids don’t have respect anymore cuz a lot of the parents are Dems and don’t teach it 🤷🏻‍♂️

So we’re sending out kids to school for strangers to spank them when we got parenting at home? I wanna catch a teacher woopin my kid. Smh my head. Weak ass kids That shit quit AGESSSS ago. nah bruh

Huhhhh?🤣🤣 I just don’t believe you correct a child with violence. Periodt also if you don’t nature and love and support the child you should not be the disciplinary. Humanity is doomed xD Times have changed for the better. I can still remember my principal & teacher paddling me. There is no way in hell, I would stand there and let that happen!!! I would be hitting the person that was attempting to hit my child. I would wind up in jail 😡

Despicable! They need to lose their jobs and be sent to jail and have some of the inmates whoop their ass. And had her Mother pay 50$ for a scratch on a computer. No way! This was racially motivated and clearly a bias crime!!!! I wish a person would put a paddle to my child ain't gone be no therapy its gone be some raising hell

Ok I’m not gonna have anyone discipline my child in front of me! Especially a person I’m not related to! Sometimes I think it's just best some of these parents teach and raise their children at home. There seems to be no discipline that can be given in the school systems and many of these children are running amuck. Not agreeing with corporal punishment always, but sometimes. Yes.

If anyone would have laid a hand on my kids, I'd be in jail.

🙏🏽🇺🇸🌎😷💦👏🏼💉✌🏽 Why is the principal dressed like a bag lady? Therapy... more like a reduced sentence for f&$king that principal up Therapy ? Really I need therapy can I sue the school Biden's America has become so violent! Smh spare the rod...do u not see what is going on The mother has nothing to complain about. She filmed it and gave authorization for them to do it. She wants attention and used her child to get.

they think a lot will help Fat fuckin bitch

I can't believe the mother just sat on her useless ass and let this happen!! What is wrong with the people. Hope she gets jail for this Let someone do this to my kid. I’ll be in jail I promise you. okay tmz! I got paddled when I lived in Texas. but it's legal there. also, I had to choose that as my punishment (7th grade antics) so it was 2 swats, a week of in school suspension, or 30 after school detentions

If that was my kids I would be on a murder charge. Fat piece of shit. No one should be spanked by a teacher, this is criminal. If you think getting a few taps on the bum is okay, that's your opinion. But a fact... It was not her place to do so! He will live he learned about life. I say that to say this. That Principal knew better this was her QUITTING her job & whatever punishment she gets she deserves.

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I went through it in catholic school and raised by catholic parents this isn’t nothing kids today don’t need their games/phones taken away they need physical punishment this is why today’s kids are rude and always talk back I wish I was that kid