D.C. Shooting: 6-Year-Old Girl Killed And 5 Adults İnjured İn A Shooting İn Washington, Dc - Cnn

D.C. Shooting: 6-Year-Old Girl Killed And 5 Adults İnjured İn A Shooting İn Washington, Dc - Cnn

6-year-old girl killed and 5 adults injured in a shooting in Washington, DC

A 6-year-old girl was killed and five adults were injured in a shooting in Washington, DC, officials say

7/17/2021 9:34:00 AM

A 6-year-old girl was killed and five adults were injured in a shooting in Washington, DC, officials say

A 6-year-old girl was killed and five adults were injured in a shooting in Washington, DC, on Friday night, officials said.

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Progress 77 and Pirs Undocked from Station

The unpiloted Russian Progress 77 cargo spacecraft undocked from the International Space Station while attached to the Pirs docking compartment at 6:55 a.m. EDT.

Palestinians have the right to live in Jerusalem. The world should not remain silent.StopTheRaid So damn sad Hope for Palestine StopTheRaid Say no to the planned raid on the shrine of the Muslims StopTheRaid Palestine may not be trending right now but Still under occupation, free Palestine , Free Al-Aqsa StopTheRaid

Guns are not allowed here in Germany. So they stab each other daily with knives. Don't be silent about this cruelty StopTheRaid Israel is committing crimes against humanity. Please be a voice to Palestine.. StopTheRaid Israeli soldiers are again violent towards people before the holiday. StopTheRaid Israel's attacks on Jerusalem and the Palestinian people are crimes against humanity. where are you people? StopTheRaid

Please help the palestinian people StopTheRaid

Chanel Opens Freestanding Boutique in Washington, D.C.The CHANEL boutique was conceived by Peter Marino, a long-standing collaborator.

We have to StopTheRaid Israeli soldiers respond with weapons, bombs, beatings and arrests to Palestinian Muslims, who are defenseless with their lives and bodies. Although Jews are not allowed to enter the mosque on Arafa Day, it violates rights. Please stop this cruelty, this injustice. StopTheRaid

The fundamental rights and freedoms of the Palestinian people are being restricted. The persecution is inhumane, please let's stop it StopTheRaid Let's stop the violence in PalestineStop TheRaid Just another typical day in 🇺🇸 Palestine is free, it must remain free, don't touch the holy of Muslims StopTheRaid

If anyone has a heart they will demand this stops. Poor parents, siblings and grandparents The planned raid on al-aqsa mosque concerns humanity. Being the voice of this oppression is a requirement of our humanity. StopTheRaid This is terrible news and I'm so sorry that children are being killed , children are being displaced from their homes, imprisoned and killed even though they are innocent in Palestine. Please stand with us by Palestine StopTheRaid

So sick and tired of our babies dying in the streets because of useless, ungrateful, and ignorant adults fighting amongst themselves over selfish, unnecessary, unimportant situations, reasons, people, or even things.

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Isn't it against the law to have a gun in DC? Palestine has the right to be free! Don't be silent about this cruelty! free life is the right of every human being StopTheRaid Keep on selling guns and keep on smuggling guns to South America !!! It will come back like a boomerang and hit you and no one will cry anymore for your stupidity not even god himself. ThisIsAmerica

Yo can do! Please help them. Aqsa, Kuds are under attack StopTheRaid Muslims who are persecuted in Jerusalem and who have the right to worship freely are tried to be detained by radical groups with disproportionate force. Please voice the cruelty StopTheRaid Israel attacks Muslims in Palestine and our mosque StopTheRaid

crimes against humanity are being committed please don't be silent StopTheRaid jeder Mensch hat das Recht zu leben. Der Staat Israel nimmt den Menschen das Recht auf Leben. Diese Grausamkeit muss gestoppt werden StopTheRaid Mescidi aksa özgür, Filistinliler de insan olmayı hak ediyor ! StopTheRaid you don't have right to go to mosque you don't have right to go to your job you don't have right to walk in the streets you don't have right to stay at home you don't have right to live why? Palestine is under occupation! StopTheRaid

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Israel attacks Muslim Masjid Aqsa Mosque. And they attacked the Palestinians unfairly and cruelly StopTheRaid There's an inhumane treatment in Jerusalem, so let's not shut up, it's a crime against humanity. StopTheRaid If your blaming guns not the people, your the real problem.StopTheRaid Urlaub ist Glück. nicht Grausamkeit und Tränen! StopTheRaid

hallo, zeg stop tegen alle vormen van vervolging. stoptheraid StopTheRaid !Every human deserves to live like a human being, no matter what their differences are, no one deserves to be persecuted. do not be quiet! Please stop to the injustice in the mosque. StopTheRaid There is persecution in Palestine, can you make our voices heard? StopTheRaid

Israel tötet jedes Jahr die Urlaubsfreude der Muslime. Was in Palästina passiert ist, ist ein Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit. Stoppen Sie die Grausamkeit! StopTheRaid

Terrifying Video Shows 6-Year-Old Girl Dragged By School BusTerrifying videos shows 6-year-old girl dragged by school bus. Wtf Still not as brutal as when I drag Trump supporters here on Twitter dot com Omg no

Hold the hand of Palestine. Stop this cruelty StopTheRaid WOW. Just like St. Louis come to the Lou Israeli police attacked Palestinians on guard duty in Al-Aqsa Mosque StopTheRaid İnsan hakları çiğneniyor StopTheRaid Israel killed hundreds of people last Eid. They want to do the same this eid. In the name of humanity we must say stop StopTheRaid

StopTheRaid Get rid of the automatic and semi-automatic rifles to start with. This still leaves the 2nd amendment in place but hopefully will reduce the mass killings. The Palestinian people are under pressure from Israeli settlers! StopTheRaid Israel is attacking the temples again... StopTheRaid Children are massacred in Palestine, every human being has the right to life and trying to take this right from them is cruelty, stop this cruelty! Do not be silent to the massacre! StopTheRaid

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Children are dying, people who are removed from their land are helpless! Today in Palestine, tomorrow at your house... Wake up human! StopTheRaid Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian women. Please don't be quiet! StopTheRaid There's an inhumane treatment in Jerusalem, so let's not shut up, it's a crime against humanity. StopTheRaid

Please, rise the voice of Palestine! StopTheRaid We should gang up for palestine StopTheRaid Muslims are denied freedom of worship in Jerusalem. Announce the voice of the Muslims in Jerusalem to the whole world ! StopTheRaid Hi. Be the voice of occupied Jerusalem and the oppressed. StopTheRaid Please say stop to the persecution in Jerusalem. Your reaction means a lot.. StopTheRaid

在加沙的巴勒斯坦,士兵诉诸暴力侵害儿童的行为。 我们必须帮助他们。 请倾听我们的意见并为我们提供帮助。 儿童和无辜的人需要我们。 StopTheRaid Although times and actors change, the dark and racist Zionist ideology behind Israeli policies does not change! Masjid al-Aqsa is under the threat of Zionism even before this holiday. We warn humanity against this danger and invite them to unite. StopTheRaid

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La gente ha dimenticato, ma Israele continua a uccidere bambini. Non si addice alle persone tacere su questa crudeltà. StopTheRaid Katakan 'Berhenti' untuk invasi berbahaya yang dibuat dengan membuat orang menontonnya di abad ke-21! Bebaskan Palestina StopTheRaid No one can forcibly attack holy places StopTheRaid 🇵🇸

Humans are being oppressed. Stand up for Humanity! StopTheRaid Invading Israel arrested a Palestinian woman this morning, dragging them on the ground. You are strange in your homeland, pariah in your homeland... İsgal18 StopTheRaid Blijf alsjeblieft niet stil StopTheRaid Kudüs İslam'ındır ✌🏻 StopTheRaid

StopTheRaid Bitte erheben Sie Ihre Stimme gegen den Angriff auf Masjid al-Aqsa. StopTheRaid Please do not stay silent StopTheRaid

Stand with the humanity! Raise the voice of Palestine StopTheRaid Les Palestiniens sont sous occupation et ils veulent juste être libres comme leurs droits fondamentaux. StopTheRaid We can't celebrate our holiday because the Zionists are planning to occupy Masjid Aqsa and why is the world silent!! StopTheRaid

let Palestine be free StopTheRaid Living safely is the most basic human right, let's make a sound for Palestinians StopTheRaid Es gibt Gewalt gegen Kinder und unschuldige Menschen in Palästina, bitte helfen Sie uns. Freiheit ist das Recht eines jeden Menschen. Helfen wir den Unschuldigen. StopTheRaid

Let the whole world say stop to cruelty and cruelty!. Palestine is under occupation... StopTheRaid Support Palestinians and Hear them StopTheRaid Hello. Please hear and announce the persecution in Palestine. StopTheRaid just report this StopTheRaid

Mescid-i Aksa is our red line StopTheRaid To remain silent against oppression is to be a partner in oppression. StopTheRaid Los musulmanes no son libres, por favor, sé una voz para ellos. StopTheRaid Helping people is the greatest virtue. join us too StopTheRaid People's beliefs are being attacked in Jerusalem, we cannot remain silent. StopTheRaid

Please be the voice of the Palestinians. StopTheRaid Justice pour la palestine. StopTheRaid The rights of Muslims are being violated in Jerusalem, we must stand against this persecution. We are in a loop. The more you stay silent, the greater the pain. Let's make a sound and break the cycle of injustice. Let's support those innocent people together. StopTheRaid

for a free humanity for a free palestine StopTheRaid Please give a voice for Palestine StopTheRaid

What they wanted was very simple: to live StopTheRaid Israel greift die heilige Moschee der Muslime an. Kein Gewissen sollte den Angriff auf unschuldige Gläubige dulden. Bitte lass uns klingen! StopTheRaid İt's time to be with Palastine StopTheRaid Israel violates human rights. Don't be silent in the face of this Persecution StopTheRaid

nothing can be solved by violence StopTheRaid Say stop to cruelty. StopTheRaid it's just a temple, people want to worship there, worship troubles are not fights StopTheRaid There has been an ongoing human rights violation for years in Jerusalem. Don't be silent StopTheRaid The shooting is just a part of the violence and inhumanity. Let's open our eyes, see and stand against it! StopTheRaid

“Homosapiens and your guns…” - Magneto

Disgusting and tragic. Let's be the voice of little children StopTheRaid Palestine is die StopTheRaid Stand with the humanity. StopTheRaid zionists want raid to Masjid Aksa on Sunday, hear the scream and say stop. StopTheRaid We are with Palestine against Israeli oppression StopTheRaid call to humanity StopTheRaid

The rights of muslim people are being beaten in jerusalem, we must stand against this oppression StopTheRaid They want to raid our holy shrine belonging to Muslims. You don't need to be a Muslim, don't be silent about injustice. Palestine is not a trend, but the raids continue. Be on the right side.Masjid i Aqsa is our sacred and raid is absolutely unacceptable... StopTheRaid

Stand with the humanity! StopTheRaid

Israel attacks its holy temple on the holy day of Muslims. This is a raid. The houses of the people of Jerusalem are destroyed, their temples are plundered. This is not ethical behavior. Israel must stop. StopTheRaid Israel is killing people in Palestine. Please say 'stop' to it. StopTheRaid A GOP child?

The number of shootings/deaths will continue to rise as we are fat/lazy people who would rather just shoot an enemy rather than physically fight someone. être la voix de l'humanité StopTheRaid être la voix de l'humanité Freedom is also the right of Muslims. StopTheRaid MescidiAksa StopTheRaid Palestinian innocent people, children and babies just want a peaceful and healthy life like most of us. Please don't see this too much to them. StopTheRaid

We are not number and we are not a trend we are human we should have our rights as a Palestinian... StopTheRaid

Все, что я хочу, это знать, что человечество не мертво. Человечество умирает? StopTheRaid Accompanied by Israeli armed forces, Jewish groups announced that they would enter Masjid Aqsa tomorrow. They are preparing. Tonight, Palestinians heading to Aqsa are being attacked. Our eyes and ears must be in Jerusalem. StopTheRaid

Please support Palestine. Don't ignore what's out there StopTheRaid Absolutely We have to stop Guns, bombs Because childrens must live StopTheRaid Absolutely. We have to stop Guns, bombs. Because childrens must liveStopTheRaid Say no to the persecution in Palestine StopTheRaid This is sad just think A mother lost her baby. That little girls future was taken because of what? Nothing in this world is that important. Why is it so hard to just co-exist? 💔😭

Don't be silent against this cruelty! StopTheRaid Palestinian people are being persecuted without any crime. Help us make our voices heard for our brothers and sisters who were driven from their homes, killed and arrested by Israel, and for innocent children. StopTheRaid StopTheRaid susmayın zulüm var

Hi . Please hear and announce the persecution in Palestine StopTheRaid StopTheRaid Mescid-i Aksa'ya yapılan saldırıya sessiz kalmayın. Biz sadece barış istiyoruz. Israel is preparing for provocation again in the lands belonging to Palestine StopTheRaid Palestine should be free we have to say enough to the Zionist occupation!! StopTheRaid

Aren't your houses, rooms, food and clothes beautiful? Palestinian children don't have any of these. StopTheRaid We cannot ignore the persecution of Palestine. StopTheRaid Muslims are persecuted in Palestine. They die for their homeland, flags and holy places. please let's put a stop to this StopTheRaid

Where are the human values? StopTheRaid Hear please, let this war be over😭StopTheRait Sing for free Palestine StopTheRaid

Violence just brings pain and destruction. Violence is used in Palestine. StopTheRaid Palestine needs us. World don't be silent! StopTheRaid اقتحام_8_ذوالحجة Be the voice of the Palestinian people against Israeli oppression. StopTheRaid Baby killer Israel continues to occupy Jerusalem and will raid Palestine. Please hear the voices of the oppressed. StopTheRaid

Palestinain are under occupation and they just want to be free as their basic rights and the Zionist people trying tomorrow to occupy our holy mosque (Alaksa mosque)they try to prevent Muslims from praying!!! Yarın asla başarmayacak. stoptheraid StopTheRaid As a Palestinian we can’t celebrate our eid because of Zionists they are planning to occupy our holy mosque and the world is silent why!

The planned raid on al-aqsa mosque concerns humanity. Being the voice of this oppression is a requirement of our humanity. StopTheRaid Stand with the humanity! Raise the voice of Palestine! StopTheRaid Please don't remain silent against the invaders. Freedom, peace and happiness are valid for Palestine, Masjid Aqsa and everyone. StopTheRaid

They will attack once again. Raise your voice muslims. StopTheRaid

Masjid al-Aqsa belongs to Muslims. Let's support the just struggle of our Palestinian brothers and sisters. StopTheRaid StopTheRaid Hello. Palestinians should pray freely. We must protect Masjid al-Aqsa StopTheRaid Say no to those who invade the holy place of Muslims! StopTheRaid the mosque is in danger, please let's support Palestine. StopTheRaid 

No human deserves disrespect to their religious values. StopTheRaid They don't stop killing. but we can stop it. StopTheRaid Maybe our country shouldn't have so many guns all over the place... palestinian are under occupation do not be quiet StopTheRaid D.C has some of the strictest gun laws in the country

Isn't it a necessity of our humanity to raise a voice against the al-aqsa mosque raid in order to stand by the oppressed against the oppressor? StopTheRaid They want to raid Masjid Al-Aqsa again tomorrow .Masjid Al-Aqsa belongs to Muslims.We don't want a raid.Peace for all StopTheRaid Palestinain are under occupation and they just want to be free as their basic rights and the Zionist people trying tomorrow to occupy our holy mosque (Alaksa mosque)they try to prevent Muslims from praying!!! Yarın asla başarmayacak. stoptheraid

Hello there. Please do not remain silent to the attack on Al-Aqsa Masjid. Sacred places cannot be usurped StopTheRaid We don't must be silent about the attack on the masjid al aqsa. We just want peace. stoptheraid They want to seize the holy place of Muslims with raids. The whole world should unite and say stop to oppression. StopTheRaid

Fanatic Jewish groups announced that they would attack the Masjid al-Aqsa, which is sacred to Muslims, tomorrow. This attack heralds a new war. An attack on the sacred of men is unacceptable. Do not be silent! StopTheRaid It’s all about the mental cases and want to be tough guys that are doing these terrible shootings. STOP all the filibuster about the guns. If you take away the right of owning a weapon, there are more than 125 million legal owners of a firearm ,in the USA.

There will be is persecution in Palestine tomorrow stoptheraid On July 18, a raid will be carried out on Masjid al-Aqsa by the occupying Israel. This raid must be stopped immediately beforehand. StopTheRaid

Israel raids Jerusalem, especially on Muslim holidays. Many people are dying. Please stop this nonsense. StopTheRaid Palästina ist besetzt und die Zionisten planen, die heilige Masjid al-Aqsa zu überfallen. Bitte schweigen Sie nicht. StopTheRaid Violence is just widely accepted in certain communities. Typically they are poor, single parent communities. Bring back the family !!!

We don't need fewer legally owned firearms. We need fewer criminals. The “United Gun Shots of America” RIP,John 3:16 and get well everyone else Praise God Jesus Christ always and dear Lord please protect everyone everywhere who are good,thank you Lord grandma Where is Black Kives Matters outrage on the continuing and senseless shootings in our cities. Why won’t CNN call them out. Just waiting for another cop shooting someone resisting arrest

So. Been happening for years. Liberals and cnn have ignored for years Defund more police. Reap what you sow. America wants guns, the only thing that results is needless death.

This doesn’t seem to be happening much in white, Asian, and Mexican communities When is this ever going to stop?! What !? But I thought It was against the law to carry a gun in DC Oh wait, murderers don’t follow laws 🙄 The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun So sad for this family

They will never learn.... It doesn’t say inside the home. Why is a 6 year old outside at 11pm at night? And in the rural parts of the country were gun laws are lax, and guns are in about every home, this doesn’t seem to happen. Is it the gun or the culture. I despise it here Unnecessary 🔥💀🔥

Please help me! My name is Lin donglong, an employee of China telecom fuzhou branch. Company manager huang fei (communist party of China) organized the leadership of the gang of evil forces brutal persecution: surveillance location, insult,abuse, framed to take nude photos of me Democrats nation crime wave. Defund democrats

The American insanity continues. I am soooo tired of this nation's gun violence. Why are we the only country that continues to allow this? We have some very fraked up priorities A child!!! Really?! When the hell is this going to f%&* end? Yay guns! Why does this always happen in democrat run cities? 😢💔🙏🙏🙏RIP Lille Angel🙏🦋

Follow me my Loves Defund the police maybe

This is the break down of society and its just the beginning. Rome all over again. Funny country! Can i speak with you immediately CNN 😔🙏🏾 Biden and Harris America Keep doing nothing about gun laws. NRA must really have strong hold on US politics. And don’t drag out the 2nd amendment from 1789. This is 2021! Time to rethink or do we keep sacrificing kids?

A great nation cannot prohibit the possession of automatic weapon, while it shows a weakness versus the weapon trade mafia Killing sprees continue in, um, Biden-Harris territory! laurenboebert I wonder it's so easy to have gone in USA is they selling that's right in the supermarkets ? in Uganda is not easy to have that

Daily routine life in America 🇺🇸 Did they also defund Their police.democrats polices are destroying America Impossible... D.C. has strict gun control. Obviously nobody would dare shoot anyone since it is against the law... right? RIP. This kind of thing will never stop in America Guns make it so easy to murder people. Repeal the second amendment.

💔🙏 Good job America! Land of freedom and “it’s my right”…well that little girl had a right to live!!! But you keep your guns and justify it by quoting that amendment that you say can’t be changed. I remind you they call it an “amendment”!!! SOSCuba Zoe Martinez Completo:

This is the daily life of Americans, and shooting is commonplace Darwinism. I'm sure the were all Trump voters?😂😂😂😂 There are too many hate filled people in the USA. No guns should be allowed in the USA. Gang related Right !!! This is what happens whan you have loose gun regulation, so everyone can buy one, everyone can kill with one...

And yet the gun laws don't change.... How many shootings were there in the UK?! Oh no 😔 May this poor darling girl be of Blessed Memory, and my condolences to all who loved and knew the five adults involved who were also victims. For the sake of gun business,how long this civilized country will accept the killings of her own people.Mind that world is watching.

American's 🤦🏽 Shooting est probablement le mot le plus utilisé dans les médias américains. Quelle triste exemple pour un état qui se veut le gardien des droits de l'homme et de la liberté. Would stop & frisk be wrong Just wanted some opinions please have good conversations RealNews_Facts How’s gun control legislation working out there? Oh! That bad still. Well maybe in another 10-30 years, if democracy doesn’t die first.

“Cuba is a failed state” Third world country. It is pretty much lawless. “ But the amendments” . What a joke. $20 says it was a gang shooting. Guns arent the problem, shitty people are the problem. I worked in law enforcement for over 20 years, and a lot of these 'tough guy's' are far from it when there's no gun's around. To the child, Rest in Peace 🕊️. God bless us all 🙏.

Very sad, gun violence & terrorism. Behold, the greatest country ever as proclaimed. 🇺🇸

What do they achieve by killing a 5 year old ? When will they implement strong gun control measures ? If men would be men again, and not always reaching for a weapon. All these fake tough guy's now are really cowards, and to shoot a child because of that careless, reckless behavior is a sad state of America.

Washington DC Shooting video I do know one thing, POC don't manufacture guns. You need to start with the people that do and put some controls there and work your way down. Americans and their guns 🙄 really stupid The world must condemn this evil act. TPLF Recruiting and using childrens for war. warcrime TPLF actofevil SecBlinken NeaminZeleke

Choice matters than rights. Murica Once again and again this nightmare…