Entertainment, Bridger Walker Praised By Anne Hathaway For Saving Sister From Dog Attack - Cnn

Entertainment, Bridger Walker Praised By Anne Hathaway For Saving Sister From Dog Attack - Cnn

6-year-old boy praised by Anne Hathaway on social media for saving little sister from dog attack

Bridger Walker, a brave 6-year-old boy from Wyoming, has gained social media notoriety after being praised by Anne Hathaway for rescuing his sister from a dog attack

7/16/2020 7:59:00 AM

Bridger Walker, a brave 6-year-old boy from Wyoming, has gained social media notoriety after being praised by Anne Hathaway for rescuing his sister from a dog attack

Bridger Walker, a brave 6-year-old boy from Wyoming, has gained social media notoriety after being praised by Anne Hathaway for rescuing his sister from a dog attack.

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Medam i am one request one time met medam you parmiston medam Bridger is a straight up hero. 'If someone had to die, I thought it should be me'. Lil dude is a badass. Has the heart and the scars to prove it. Dont mess with his sister. BridgerStrong Bridger BridgerWalker hero brothersisterlove PeacefulManya Хуясе, вчера был мальчиком из России... Сегодня из Вайоминга... Будем разбираться...

True super hero This is what superheros look like. Yes brave kid, but doesn't CNN have anything better to do then report feel good stories, or have a 30 minute segment on the Cuomo family nose. It seems like were in need of some actual journalism during these times.🙃😑 GenevaChristie Wow💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

Toxic masculinity for the win ❤️ ... He should get wide eyed ... pooch his lip out and say ... ' Cookies would make me feel better ' ... The ladies will bury him in cookies Badass Speedy recovery Hero If you're going to have a potentially dangerous dog, it's your responsibility to keep it in your house or fenced in. People that let their dogs loose and run around the neighborhood are irresponsible losers.

So sad. I was attacked and my Diabetic Alert Service dog was killed by two Abanonded Akitas. Owners left dogs in backyard while they vacationed. Reckless owners not charged with a crime and insurance company will not replace my service dog. Too amazing this boy is morethan a life saver Now that's a conservative! It's not a choice. It's a calling. They just don't make liberals like they used to. Y'all breakdown like you're made in China now. No connection there.

Amazing little man right there! ❤️ Mate you are a legend ! Well done little fellow your bravery is second to none ! 🏅You deserve a medal ! A true hero 🤩 What a brave young man, I hope there ok after this 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Damn! He’s more of a man than most actual ‘men’. Hero Do me a favor kid, never marry. You will be able to use this story for the rest if your life to take down hotties of unreal proportions.

He is a little hero with a big heart and courage Impressed by this young man. God bless this brave heart. What a brave child! It’s a blessing to have a sibling ✨ Naziiking2 'If someone had to die, I thought it should be me' Sounds cute coming from a child.. But seeing adults endorse it is laughable. Why did he think he should be the one to die? No sensible answer to that

Brave, courageous wee lad. Many adults wouldn’t be as brave as him. Bless his heart. rachanakush96 Ok boy God bless you tu mérites une médaille des jeunes braves. This country is a much better one if this boy is the president. What’s the name of th IG page? je suis originaire de l'archipel de la guadeloupe et on m'em^peche de rentrer chez moi

chrishemsworth ChrisEvans RobertDowneyJr Avengers! Assemble! Pay this young man a visit for his heroism. He idolizes you guys! It would be beautiful! Good job bro! This warms my heart! Bridger is a true hero. I just want to hug him! Kudos to the parents for raising such an amazing and thoughtful young man, he is going to grow up and be great!! BridgerStrong

A true hero 🦸‍♂️ CanfieldKenny 'Notoriety' A few more humans like this can be enough to start bringing us back to the humanity that the world deserves. Inspiring ♥️ brave little hero !! He‘s a true hero! This is the picture of bravery. What a hero This is an excellent show of humanity. There is still hope in the world of humans.

Speedy recovery to the little boy. Shocked though you did not blame Trump. Stranger things.... New big Business Opportunities With a New Course of John Crestani That u Can Make Over 500-1000$ a Day!!!!!! Write me to This Email Andreicristiandgmail.com Good Luck! Need more humans like you!👍 ASPCA probably advocating for dog not to be put down and kid should apologize to dog.

little hero 😇so much courage at such a young age! MissSteelo Mxm this is bull Tk Elon i think every one has seen this now... Someone find him. He dropped this 👑 Little hero! Maybe he can run the country! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍👍 With such a big brave heart, there is no way God will allow the world to be robbed of such a beautiful soul.

bravo... I bow to him Awesome .very brave thing u did kid. This young man is more of a man/hero than our president would ever be. What a brave kid ! So brave! A true hero! spoil that kid with whatever he wants 2 words for this SISTERLY LOVE❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Que la virgen del carmen los cubra con su manto Mikko10_ Little man got a big heart. More balls than a lot of men.

Captain ❤️ man's best friend? This guy's braver than Trump !!! Brave little guy 👍. Can someone that has everything they need ,reward this child he's a hero ps he deserves something nice 🤔🤗🎁 Real life heroes!! Be well, little one. ❤️💙❤️💙 An act of valor This boy is now more qualified to lead the US than tRump!

Toxic Masculinity. What a hero! Fearless and brave! Chloe Melas, CNN: '(CNN)Bridger Walker, a brave 6-year-old boy from Wyoming, has gained social media notoriety' Brave good boy, but CNN FFS: 'notoriety' has a negative connotation. Why did you choose that word for him? He’s a true Hero Little man, BIG HERO

mashAllah Speedy recovery brave little man God bless the boy so brave, get will soon lil boy❤️ People should NOT leave dogs with children, also some dog breeds are just too dangerous. Bravery so young outstanding Simp This guy is a legend You did heroic 'oh my little boy I believe all your family are proud to you I love you baby 💕💕

A true MAN, though just a little boy. What a brave brother👏🏼 Please trust me. What the rogue bandit regime of Communist China says is not credible, and what they promise is not credible. They like to say one thing and do another! A brilliant example of laying down our life for others - Jesus wants us all to do this -

'If someone had to die, I thought it should be me.' The headline is about Anne Halfaway? Remember that boyfriend Such a brave kid. I’m glad he’s ok. 🙏🏻 What a hero. How brave! Next time this little hero jumps to save someone hopefully he will have an Captain America Shield for protection. ChrisEvans That's why this toddler took matters personally!

Who cares about this spawn of white trash anyway? There’s a disproportionately low amount of dog food in the world so naturally it was very starved. good kid FakeNewsCNN Talk about courage. What a brave boy. A Hero. It could have been worse. Thankfully, the hero is alive this time. Heroes get fame and acclaim; villains get notoriety. Know your dictionary.

Bridger Walker. The best Wyoming name you could ever have. And he’s a hero, too! 🙂 Wow great Kids is a bad ass wow he's special for sure. Champion boy😘 Wow they should make a movie out of this Notoriety ? wyoming kids are raised right, periodt. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 He’s a very brave little man! God bless him for saving his sister!💙💙💙

Such a brave big brother. Praying for his quick recovery ❤️ Actually quite troubling what could compel a boy that young to think 'if someone had to die, I thought it should be me' . . . as if he inherently believes his life is somehow more disposable or less valuable. We need more people with the willingness to sacrifice their lives for the sake of others if we are truly going to.. Turn the world around to God.

Hero Well done , young man !

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Avengers Stars, Celebrities Praise 6-Year-Old Who 'Saved His Little Sister' From Dog AttackAfter the boy’s aunt shared photos of his injuries, Mark Ruffalo praised his heroism and the kid’s “friendly neighborhood idol” gave him a call (via toofab) TooFab Hero! TooFab This hero was also given a new RV from marcuslemonis & CampingWorld ! Such an awesome story! Very brave young man & loves his sister!❤👍🙏 TooFab Bless him

Mark Ruffalo, Octavia Spencer and More Stars Rally Around Young Boy Who Saved His Sister's Life - E! OnlineMark Ruffalo and Octavia Spencer are applauding a 6-year-old boy after he saved his sister's life. Read the heroic story here. He is a brave kid who love his sister so much to given his life for her safety. 😍😍💕💕

Avengers Assemble To Comfort Young Boy Who Halted Dog Attack On His SisterHeroes come in all shapes and sizes. And apparently, all ages. Case in point: Bridger Walker, a 6-year-old boy who jumped in to save his 4-year-old sister from a dog attack at the cost of his own s…

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