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How To Reduce Stress At Work, Workplace Stress

6 Ways To Reduce Stress At Work

6 Ways To Reduce Stress At Work

7/24/2021 9:33:00 PM

6 Ways To Reduce Stress At Work

While it may not be possible to eliminate stress completely, there are ways to manage and mitigate it.

Get moving.Try to incorporate small amounts of movement throughout your day. Any kind of movement, from a slow relaxing walk to a high intensity workout, helps to lower stress levels. If you’re working from home, take a quick walk around your neighborhood in the morning before work or beat the afternoon slump by taking a walk after lunch. If you’re working in an office, take the stairs instead of the elevator or take the longer route to the breakroom. If there’s a park nearby, walk there on your lunch break to get some exercise and fresh air.

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Manage your nutrition.Food has a significant impact on your stress levels. What you eat can either reduce stress or increase it. Staying hydrated is equally important, as even mild dehydration exacerbates feelings of stress. Create a plan for healthy eating that supports your specific nutritional needs, advises Davinia Taylor, a Sunday Times bestselling author and biohacker. Eat foods rich in healthy fats, protein, fiber, and nutrients to help fuel your body throughout the day. Taylor recommends avoiding a low-fat diet, as that can actually increase stress levels. Instead, opt for healthy fats found in nuts, fish, dairy, and avocados.

Improve your sleep.Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to reduce stress. If you aren’t comfortable overnight, you won’t be able to get good quality sleep even if you manage a solid 8 hours because when it comes to sleep, quality is just as important as quantity. To improve the quality of your sleep, figure out what’s preventing you from being well rested. This can be everything from a room that’s too warm to a mattress or pillow that’s no longer supportive.

Once you’ve identified what’s causing your sleep issues, invest in upgrades so that you can rest well each night. Look for products that are designed for your specific sleep needs, like cooling sheets, a weighted blanket, a white noise machine, or a mattress topper to make your bed softer or more supportive.

As soon as you start to implement these changes, you’ll notice a reduction in your stress levels. Once they become habits, you’ll reap the benefits every day. Read more: ForbesWomen »

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