6 organizations working to get people to vote — and how to help them

6 organizations working to get people to vote — and how to help them

9/28/2020 3:38:00 AM

6 organizations working to get people to vote — and how to help them

The presidential election is soon. These groups are working to ensure everyone is counted.

.The coalition pays for the fines, fees, and court costs for returning citizens so they can vote. The average amount is $1,500 for each person. You can donate to its fines and fees fund; 100 percent of it goes to this cause.Formerly incarcerated Floridians can also

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checktheir voting rights status on the coalition's website. The grassroots group works to inform this population about their right to vote, with dedicated staff members who go out in the community to speak face-to-face with them. During the pandemic, the organization relies less on in-person contact and more on tools like phone banking to reach people.

You can donate money directly to the coalitionhere; some of the donations help register formerly incarcerated Floridians to vote. However, the coalition is heavily encouraging people to donate to its fines and fees fund as this directly removes barriers to voting.

"The first time I had the experience of having someone break down crying because we told them some information like that [that they could vote under Amendment 4], it was phenomenal, and it kept happening," said Brandon Walthour, a communications fellow with the coalition.

League of Women VotersLeaders of the suffrage movement started the League of Women Voters six months before the 19th amendment was ratified in 1920. Its education fund was created in 1957 to work on issues like voter registration for all people. Today its online voter education tool,

vote 411, informs people of their voting options as well as voting requirements, election registration deadlines, polling locations, and other important information. This is especially important for this upcoming election, in which many states have adapted the rules so people may vote by mail during the pandemic.

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Trump accuses Bloomberg of 'serious crime' in helping ex-prisoners voteFormer New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently raised more than $16 million to help restore voting rights for people convicted of felonies in Florida. Two words... Sore Loser. its not helping them vote. its paying their fines (bribing them) to influence their vote IF they vote. Here Newsweek, let me fix this tweet for you. 'Desperately behind in the polls, Trump falsely accuses Bloomberg of the crime of helping people vote.' There doesn't that feel better and more honest. Honesty is good for the soul, really.

‘Veep’—Like ‘Parks And Rec’ And ‘The Princess Bride’—Announce Cast Reunion To Raise Money For DemocratsThe stars of Veep are getting together to help take down Trump, Louis-Dreyfuss said. Check out this Please check out my latest music audio and subscribe to my YouTube channel please and share Hi Please share like and subscribe that's my latest music audio is out check it out on YouTube Very nice No idea who they are.

Working Moms Are Not Okay–– 30% Feel Their Jobs Are In JeopardySo what do working parents need? Help. They need help.

Michigan Secretary of State Says At Least 3 Million Expected To Vote By Mail'About 2.4 million citizens of the expected 5 or 5.5 million we expect to vote this fall in Michigan have requested to vote by mail,' Michigan's Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said. Vote in person!!! Groundbreaking! 💯👏

Lin-Manuel Miranda Hosts Get Out The Vote Video With His 'Hamilton Family'Video featuring 'Hamilton' cast is part of the We All Vote project aimed at getting younger voters to the polls. Of course because younger voters have less wisdom and hence vote for Democrats look at that pretty butiful face lol Don't worry, I'm voting for Trump!

Shop 100+ Pieces of 'Vote' MerchProceeds from the sale of each item included are donated to organizations that work to increase participation in every election or to political campaigns.