6 New Costco Items Customers Are Absolutely Loving Right Now — Eat This Not That

1/25/2022 4:00:00 AM

Cancel your plans and head to #Costco...these new items look too good to miss!


Cancel your plans and head to Costco ...these new items look too good to miss!

There are so many items at Costco , but members know their favorites well. Here are the ones people are loving the most right now.

A bonus: the 3-pound frozen bag is currently $4 off in the warehouse andthrough August 29 as part of the Member's Only Savings event.

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You realize this article is over 6 months old? I wouldn’t cancel a root canal to rush to Costco for those items.

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A bonus: the 3-pound frozen bag is currently $4 off in the warehouse and through August 29 as part of the Member's Only Savings event. Related: To get all the latest Costco news delivered right to your email inbox every day, . When I’m not being creative and working, I feel a sense of emptiness.