6.6 Million More File For Unemployment As Coronavirus Keeps Economy Shut

NEW: Another 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits this past week. A total of about 17 million people have filed in the last three weeks.

4/9/2020 3:43:00 PM

NEW: Another 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits this past week. A total of about 17 million people have filed in the last three weeks.

The number of people seeking jobless benefits shot up again last week, as 6.6 million more of the unemployed filed first-time claims. Nearly 17 million have filed in the past three weeks.

Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionChandan Khanna/AFP via Getty ImagesA man collects unemployment forms at a drive-through collection point outside of a library in Hialeah, Fla., on Wednesday.Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images

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Updated at 8:55 a.m. ETThe number of people seeking unemployment benefits shot up again last week, as 6.6 million more people filed initial claims, the Labor Department. About 16.8 million have filed in the past three weeks, and analysts expect the numbers to keep rising.

In the prior week, ending March 28, a revised 6.9 million people filed first-time claims.Jobless claims have skyrocketed in recent weeks, as countless restaurants, hotels, factories and offices have been forced to shut down to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Loading...Don't see the graphic above? Click here.California had the largest number of new claims in the week ending Saturday, with 925,450 — down from 1.058 million the prior week. Georgia's new claims totaled 388,175, nearly triple the previous week's. Michigan's initial claims totaled 384,844, topping the prior week's 304,335.

A report this week from Moody's Analytics said job losses are expected to mount at"staggering" levels in the coming weeks.The firm estimated that some 45 million jobs are at risk of being eliminated, because they're not considered essential and can't be done remotely.

The potential loss of so many jobs is"harrowing" and"fuels our expectation that [unemployment insurance] claims will continue to accrue at historic rates in the near term," the Moody's report said."The harsh reality is that the level of initial UI claims is unlikely to recede in the coming weeks."

Under the $2.2 trillioneconomic rescue packagepassed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump, laid-off workers are eligible for enhanced unemployment benefits, including an extra check of $600 a week for the first four months. Read more: NPR »

Shit pa unemployment isnt even sending people pins..i know people who have been waiting 6 weeks for a pin an cant even get in touch with anybody to fix it Putting all of these people on govt assistance is not sustainable. Assist the sick and their families instead. People need to work to pay taxes, pay rents and feed children. Who is funding everything if everyone is laid off or fired?

Sad did you mean benifits*? Law make should not get pay like rest of us that not workings With a total of 1 billion people in America and about 300 million able bodied workers. How many people could you employ. The unemployment rate has been Above 95percent the entire time, which each president stated that it was at 3 to 4 percent. They had their numbers backwards.

Question, Is it actually 17 mm people or did the number jump from 3.3 million to 6.6 million? If it is 17 mm, we have put the country in a recession/depression for approximately 60,000 deaths? Something isn't right here. America, let's get back at it or it will all be gone. Wow. Just overwhelmed!! It good to see a article on facts with no agenda but I don't get the point. If we're forced to stay at home and can't work unemployment will go up. I don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

There are 17 millions unemployed Americans, and ECFMG bring 4200 foreigners medical students from overseas, there are more than 10000 usa citizens physician unemployed, stop ECFMG corruption and hire Americans professionals. Thank u Sweet! Cleaner air! More family time! And that is because the U.S doesnt give a crap about its people. No labour laws and nothing to protect jobs. its a joke! the richest country in the world and cant look after its people.

Jesssssssssus We need to open up the economy now. Enough is enough. If this continues the economic impact will be far greater than any impact from c19 Since the Covid 19 pandemic I lost my job as a server as most of you know servers live day by day off of tips. It’s been a month still waiting on unemployment. If anyone can assist my C app is $AngelaTiffanyRogers God bless.❤️

The unemployment is going to rocket. Trump dropped the ball by ignoring CoronaVirus and planning for the spread and job losses. You want o to go back to work? The country would need to stay home, stay safe for 14 days to crush covid-19. Half ass it and it will never die. Not that scary. It is not because the jobs are permanently gone. The jobs were suspended for about 2 months. People just file unemployment to get benefits during this difficult time.

Which takes us to Obama’s BEST unemployment rate in his entire presidency. Question: Has anyone who has filed for unemployment actually received any benefits a.k.a. Money yet Barbara77051620 You made your pork money while ppl chose between paying bills or feeding their families Is it weird that even though I feel bad for these 17 million people that are frustrated with the slow, biased, archaic system; I’m also secretly happy that there are 17 million more people out there that understand what it’s like to be a veteran looking for mental healthcare...?

NPR REPORTS REACTION And were still in better shape than we was when obummer. Left This could’ve been avoided if the occupant of the White House wasn’t so focused on himself. Thank the Dem fear-mongering machine for that 10 urs we will look back w/astonishment that we actually shut the economy down when in H1N1 2009 it was 22 million people just in the United States infected and 15,000 died. The dead count worldwide is close to 500,000 people

Terrifying So much winning it hurts realDonaldTrump SenateGOP SenateDems 17 MILLION Americans are out of work and IMPOTUS45 is complaining about not getting recognition for his ratings? Remind me again how many Americans have died and how many millions are suffering because this was all a democratic hoax?

Having a job is essential 17 M, scary Heading toward National Suicide, thank Fauci for this and his incorrect computer models LATimes piece headline say 'You’re not imagining it: We’re all having intense coronavirus dreams' NO! We are NOT all having coronavirus dreams! But ALL Dems, including NPR, MSM dream coronavirus is last chance to oust Trump DefundNPR

KLoeffler SenatorLoeffler If you lost your job in Georgia and had voted Republican You would be happy to know that Kelly and her husband made a killing off the inside info about Corona They didn’t tell you. But they made a bundle of money! Vote her out! Go solar, sit home and love the time you have with your family. This can all be gone from you, you're not alone in this. Stay strong and healthy together.

Oh no I see it. I have a story. I did everything to avoid long lines and strange looks from people. And this is what I get, it's common, it's usual, but omg I need a purpose in life by now. I'm 33. 'Flatten the curve' - which curve again? BUT THE STOCK MARKET IS GREAT!! TIME TO SHORT WHOMEVER MAKES WORK UNIFORMS!! Keep that gravy train going and Saudia Arabia cropping bombs on Yemen so investing in Boeing or some other munitions manufacturer is a LOCK. KeepingitReal FTW CorruptGOP CorruptDNC

17 Million Americans lost their jobs in the last 3 weeks How are Democrats responding? —Blocking new small business aid —Pushing cash payments for illegal aliens —Forming a committee to investigate Trump —Fighting to send aid money to the Palestinian Authority. Shameful ! THANK YOUR SHITTY SOCIALIST MEDIA AND THEIR PARTY..THE DUMICRATS

Don’t fail to mention, Democrats are ecstatic! Looks like NWO bread lines for everyone. K, now compare us to other countries' unemployment rates before and after the global pandemic. Make sure you use the word 'carnage' for everybody else. if you or someone you know has been laid off or will be laid off soon! Come join me and to keep that cash flowing.

It’s a circulation I hope it’s in safely and everyone get back to normal Fake News at it best right here. You must organize against this self immolation. This political coup in motion. That's probably because many people had to shelter in place. Good thing He had a plan to look out for and get money out to the citizens. Is this going to be the next fake crisis?

RushLimbaugh Rush may Good Lord Jesus see you thru your crisis! Please let's force NPR to go Public and off of Federal funding...have EIB take it over. Thought npr was above using sensationalist words like 'carnage'... guess not This is starting to get a little ridiculous. This is going to end up hurting more people than the rona will

Offered $69 with three kids!!!! Its becuase they themselves and the companies found that it would benefit them to recieve an extra 600/week!!! I find this very stupid... and it lasts till July? That could even be more money than their normal wage! Thats so stupid and only encourage UI. Is this nancy idea?

SkolviQ trump is living up to expectations, he is doing a spectacular job of destroying America. Let’s take back our democracy! Vote blue! Make sure you know what your down ballot issues are for your state. It matters who your governor is to protect public health. NPR is demonic using 6.6 in headlines

You got Stimulus cash coming in, you’ll be fine. DoctorsAreNotHospitals SaveClinicsSaveLives Right now, our health care practices are getting hit doubly hard during this current crisis as they continue struggling to keep up with patient care needs and the demands of keeping our offices running and workers employed

...as congress retreats to their private islands & Hamptons estates - - let the peasants eat cake during the economic meltdown! 🍰😳 That's what happens when you close down businesses and keep people trapped inside their homes Quit forcing a shut down. American people know how to protect themselves. Of course their are those that have no sense and will do wrong, they are doing that now.

Weren't we promised America would be Great? My husband's work is still open, but they were told that if they felt like they needed to stay home, they would still be paid. A co-worker has a high risk spouse, so he's home. He didn't realize that in order to get paid, he had to file unemployment. He's been waiting 2 weeks. 🤷

DemocratsHateAmerica Is this why s&p is going in a straight line to 3,000 17 million. That's the entire IT force of India. Why don't the Americans do the IT and the rest follow... If this was a stock I would be rich Heart breaking to see people suffering In hard times Americans show their true sense of solidarity

Now that my neighbors and myself are now trading online with Mr Ryan on his platform, we earn as much as 700% returns on any amount you invest in four days, with just four simple online steps. The pandemic makes the profits higher, I don’t worry about no job now. I am secured now You geniuses do understand that will happen when government tells businesses they have to close right?

This is just dumb That's the number that has filed ... would love to see how may of those have actually received unemployment. That's what happens when the country is forcibly shut down Poggers What do you think is going to happen when America is shut down?!? America was converted into a consumer-gigs-doordash-services economy! 72% of GDP is spending 57 million Americans are GIGS workers: The GIGS ECONOMY is NEW Normal: Restaurants: the NEW American factories:

Because the mandates force people out of jobs. Plenty of work. Not allowed to do it. Lemon Sure! What’d you expect!? Now, report the EMPLOYMENT numbers AFTER this is all over. THAT’S THE NORM. TELL THE STORY OF WHY UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS ARE SO HIGH. UNEMPLOYMENT IS NOT A RESULT OF POTUS’ ECONOMIC POLICY. IT’S BECAUSE OF A VIRUS. KEEP REMINDING US

don't worry Trump's economy will be roaring! It’s will be up to 10 percent of unemployment by end of April... This makes me sad 😕 I blame npr. GeneralStrike I wonder how many are from restaurants, hotel and non-essential retail sales. These jobs exist. Just forced to be vacant. Dont have to create new jobs, just allow businesses to open.

OK now here’s the question, if they are filing for unemployment then the employers cannot keep them on the payroll and issue them checks. (The famous loan and forgiveness deal that’s circulating from the $2 trillion plan) So is it worth giving up your freedoms, your children’s freedoms, your financial future, your children’s financial future for something that has had its death toll numbers inflated by taking deaths from the flu and reassigned to the virus simply based on symptoms?

Well no shit. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone! And this is only going to get worse. so 17 million expendable jobs🤔🤔🤔 what career track can i get into Loosen restrictions now. We don’t need blanket shelter orders And 2 months later we all still at home No, coronavirus is NOT keeping the economy shut. People are, and I'm not convinced of their good intentions.

At this rate there demonrats are going to get exactly what they want, tank the economy! Is federalreserve paying off credit cards because if not millions are going bankrupt. Is federalreserve paying off car loans because if not millions of American’s are going bankrupt. OrsonHelles SAD! How is Trump MAGA going these days?

time for the “chosen” one at the white house to start to share his billions to his people. That sucks These numbers will be moving and not accurate during the pandemic (like infection/death rates). Filing for UI benefits doesn’t mean you are approved, eligible, or received payment for a week. Furloughed workers, gig/self employed can make temp claims. Show me stats in June/July.

The mainstream media is really cheering for the economy to fail, but investors already earned 50 percent back of the money they lost in stocks, and it's looking like the economy will settle here in the next few months and return to where it was realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse POTUS SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer JoeBiden BernieSanders RepAdamSchiff SEVENTEEN MILLION 17 million Unemployed in the United States of America Mr. President Sir!🤔🤨

Time to get people back to work It’s what happens when you lock people in their houses. I wouldn’t use the word “Americans” since undocumented workers are allowed to file for unemployment in Chicago now and possibly CA soon. No job, no health insurance, deadly pandemic! Yay! And how many lost their health insurance because if it? We need universal healthcare.

Worked my whole life as a waitress living day to day on tips. Still waiting on unemployment if you can help. My C app is $AngelaTiffanyRogers thank you and God Bless you. Stock markets rip to new highs on news! GeneralStrike 😭 How will Trump's CULT members spin this into being Obama's fault By tweeting something about ' The policies he put in! Don't let our most glorious leader Trump help us the 6.6 out of work out of this! What CoronavirusPandemic That's fake news!!'

And the lower the unemployment number goes,the higher the casesof Coronavirus there will be. It's OK, folks. Try to remember that your respective states tax you for this and then keep all of the funds in a magic room somewhere, just in case you need to file unemployment. ZhugeEX Oh no. All the jobs Ivanka created!

THEY BAILED WALL ST AGAIN TODAY Hahaha and the Gov wants us to be shutdown for another 6-8 weeks? They can Fuck all the way off Another 6.6 huh reopen America or its going to be difficult to find work with everyone rushing to fill whatever positions are available at whatever companies that are lucky enough to survive this bullsh!t.

We need to get back to work now before we cross a bridge we can never return from! Please realDonaldTrump America back up!!!’ This shit hits different now 😩...low key y’all peep them new commercials 👀 “ we don’t touch your pizza now “ 🥴🍕 wtf was they doing before 🤔🤨 Hey, that's me! And that whopping $171 (after tax) a week is going to have me dining on caviar and steak 12 times a day! (Wait, what's that you say? After paying my various forms of insurance, and regular bills, there's nothing for food?)

Saw 'Another 6.6' trending damn lmao we’re fucked Wow ChinaMustExplain ChinaLiedAndPeopleDied WHOLiedPeopleDied Quick get that 5 billion airline stimulus package out there! Profits are super down! The 'cure' is absolutely, 100%, worse than the disease. This disease only affects those who are already seriously sick; the obese, the hypertension, the diabetic etc... We just have up our children's future to extend people's lives by a small margin.

Watch the Dow go up another 1000 points today 🙄 🙏🏽 This is why NPR should be defunded. It’s not “another”. Most are the same as the week before. If you or someone you know is actively seeking employment, Insight Global is here for you. During this unprecedented time we have a mission to BeTheLight and put people to work. Please visit the link in our bio to get in contact with an Insight Global Recruiter. COVID19

17 million. Gross. dodgersandwhat siddalee_walker he fired the pandemic team then went golfing and that's just those eligible for unemployment insurance Ya so the response is harming many more people than the actual problem. Let's stop this shit. You guys can hide under a rock if you want. Fully invoking the Defense Product Act could help states recover from COVID19 COVID COVID2019 unemployment Biden2020 biden economy

If only we had someone with ideas that would've actually helped people. Oh well. I’m sick of all the guvmint handouts. Pull your bootstraps up and make a way. Dawnsfire That's what happens when the government closes them down. Jay Powell needs to stop using lack of demand as a reason for handing out free money to the 1%, corporations, and over leveraged borrowers. People are growing discontent with the dissonance between Wall Street and Main Street!! 🔥

When will the next stimulus check be sent out? One may not be enough especially for those laid off from lower wage service jobs. When does the winning start? We are only predicting 60k deaths now...a quarter of the original prediction that also accounted for social distancing. The flu literally kills this many every year and we don’t destroy a third of our market and fire 17 million people!! We’ve been misled...

Why didn’t you ever talk about the lowest unemployment in history before the virus happened. 6.6 million Americans filing for unemployment. More than 16 million over 3 weeks. My opponent Jim Jordan voted *against* stronger unemployment benefits/food security during this pandemic. I want him to look every single one of these 16 million people in the eye and explain why.

Another 6.6M Americans file for unemployment benefits as layoffs show no letupMore than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week as the coronavirus pandemic's toll on the economy mounts unemployment is the biggest challenge in front of the govt amid coronavirus Latest updates | cases per million population👇 COVID2019 COVIDー19 6.6 million Americans filing for unemployment. More than 16 million over 3 weeks. My opponent Jim Jordan voted *against* stronger unemployment benefits/food security during this pandemic. I want him to look every single one of these 16 million people in the eye and explain why. Trumpers are included🤷‍♂️

Another 6.6 Million People Filed For Unemployment Last Week As Coronavirus Continues To Ravage The EconomyAnother 6.6 million people filed for unemployment last week as coronavirus continues to ravage the economy by theothersarahh theothersarahh Pretty sure the numbers are higher than that but we all know how realDonaldTrump likes to manipulate everything and everyone. Agrees with what he says so 'ok' TrumpLiesPeopleDie TrumpOwnsThisCrisis TrumpVirus FoxNews theothersarahh Not mine...we doing fine over here. My assets and Portfolio; speaks; I also speak(wildly) for it, too. No stressing.... theothersarahh 👍

U.S. Unemployment Claims Total 6.6 Million Last WeekThe ranks of workers filing for unemployment claims was 6.6 million last week, as the number of U.S. coronavirus cases outpaced the world.. ChineseVirus “if anyone is willing to donate even a $1 to my sister lost both jobs due to virus unemployment have to wait get benefits don't have any food & bills coming up any can help we would be super grateful Venmo MattMartins147“ This is what we have become in nj a shame See related stories from the center, right and left at

Record 16.6 million have sought U.S. jobless aid since coronavirusAbout one in 10 U.S. workers have lost their jobs in the last three weeks, new unemployment figures show, as the coronavirus pummels the economy. These numbers will only grow. Filed 3/20 Application NOT PROCESSED Limited access to CA_EDD and NOT processing faxed applications Workers calling up their State Reps No help GavinNewsom Solution forcing low wage earners to go back to work expendable StayAtHome UnemploymentNumber

Coronavirus woes force famous Hong Kong snake restaurant to shutA famous Hong Kong snake meat restaurant, She Wong Yee, will shut its doors this month after more than three decades in business, as the coronavirus keeps customers away. Woes Sick people. The coronavirus may came from the HK rioter who start wearing mask and goggles in last year.

New U.S. Unemployment Claims Were 6.6 Million For Week Ended April 4U.S, new unemployement claims came in at 6.606 million for the week ende April 4, way above expectations but slighly below the previous week’s tally of a revised 6.867. Over a three week peri… BREAKING :-Prime Minister BorisJohnson has been moved to intensive care after his CoronaVirusUpdate symptoms....