Lifteveryvoice, Projecttellme

Lifteveryvoice, Projecttellme

50 Black Elders Share Their Life Lessons With the Next Generation

Members of the oldest generation of Black Americans sat down with 65 journalists and photographers for a series of powerful interviews.

6/15/2021 5:02:00 PM

After this long year of racial reckonings and, we hope, awakenings, OprahDaily is proud to present lifteveryvoice, a collection of powerful interviews with the oldest generation of Black Americans about their lives and wisdom. projecttellme

Members of the oldest generation of Black Americans sat down with 65 journalists and photographers for a series of powerful interviews.

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For Black Voters Matter, the goal is greater community powerLaTosha Brown opened with a song. Speaking about voting rights one recent spring day in Selma, Alabama, the Black activist delivered the civil rights anthem “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize” in a voice showcasing her background as a jazz singer. ConversationEDU Philanthropy why is the media so obsessed with race? ConversationEDU Philanthropy Who said Black voters don't matter? ConversationEDU Philanthropy Buy million dollar houses and put up electric fences around them?

Two Black students were forced to share high honors after white parents cried error2 Black students in West Point, MS were named valedictorian and salutatorian this year. The parents of 2 white students refused to accept that, ultimately resulting in 4 honorees. Ikeria Washington and Layla Temple who were originally awarded the high honors join Ali Velshi to discuss how this unfolded at their high school and why they think their “co-honorees” didn’t earn their titles like they did. seriously There is no way 2 blacks did the best in their school unless its in Nigeria This is the same RACISM that we experienced in Mississippi in the late 70s! So GRATEFUL for my Village who taught me to “NEVER let anyone else define you, or tell you what to think of yourself!” These students EARNED their positions!TAKERSJustCHEATED! WestPointHighSchool

Low-Income People—Especially Black and Latinx People—Would Benefit Most From Student Debt Cancellation(Despite Joe Biden frequently suggesting otherwise.) What’s latinX Did you really just say Latinx 😂

'Orange Is the New Black' Star Taryn Manning Is Engaged to Anne ClineOITNB star Taryn Manning said 'yes' when her girlfriend popped the question. Awe... That is lovely(I did not know she was into same-sex.) 🥰💞

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Returning to the Black Hair Salon Felt Like Coming Home'The beauty salon became more than a place to get my hair done; it became my teacher.'