50 ATMs exploded in Philadelphia in attempt to steal them, money

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50 ATMs have exploded in and near Philadelphia since the weekend in a coordinated effort to steal them or take the money inside, authorities say.

Videos posted on social media show crowds of demonstrators singing the Bill Withers song while swaying and waving phones with illuminated flashlights in the air.4h ago / 1:00 AM UTCBATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on Wednesday thanked the people of his state for holding peaceful demonstrations in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, avoiding the violence and property damage seen in other parts of the country.

The Democratic governor said he doesn’t expect to use the Louisiana National Guard to assist local and state police in their response to the future Floyd protests.As the murder case against former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin was The upgraded charge comes with a maximum sentence of 40 years compared to 25 for third-degree murder.


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They didn’t just explode, they were blown up by thieving ANTIFA & BLM Terrorists! FakeNewsNBC

Fortunately, at least one of the 'peaceful protesters' blew his ass off setting the dynamite.

I Have Never Felt Such Utter Contempt Towards An Individual As I Do Donald Trump. The Anger Boils As I'm Forced To Watch Him Dismantle Everything That Was Fair & Just In Our Government & Spread Hate In The Name Of Our Once Great Nation With Impunity. How Much More Can We Endure?

Traully crazy and not part of racism. It’s riot and stealing.

“50 ATMs exploded” Did they spontaneously cumbust?

look at that peaceful protesting

Wow. Just like that, huh. They just up and spontaneously exploded?


If you guys have anyone in your organization that is literate, I would suggest letting them write headlines.

What is new about Covid-19, NBC?

Mostly peaceful protests... only a few “fringe” looters.... (don’t look at all the people being beat up... that’s definitely not happening)

Maybe they had underlying conditions that caused it

Isn't there video surveillance of every atm... I feel like we are owed a video compilation of all 50

NBCNewYork The Gang Tries To Rob ATMs

What’s up with this picture? What are you implying here?

Spontaneous combustion? What a joke.

Are you saying that they exploded all by themselves?

“ATMs exploded.” Like they just went off on their own. No, they were detonated. By criminals. Say it, . CRIMINALS BLOW UP ATMS IN ATTEMPTED THEFT. EnemyOfThePeople FakeNews

They blew up the ATMs And stoled the money for FLOYD . There killing and robbing because that’s what Floyd would have wanted -RIGHT ? WRONG ! Floyd’s mother is saying NO . He & I don’t want this. George_Floyd George JusticeNow UFC BLM rasist HateCrime Stop


This is an invasion hiding behind protests. It’s planned, well organized and has nothing to do with George Floyd. Wake up, America and take your country back. Now!

ATM Lives Matter.

Systemically racist ATMs exploding for not giving free money to BLM.

Letting all those convicts out of jail makes me feel safer.

You can fight crime or whoop protesters? A. Lets whoop protestors, let crime reign for the night

The just exploded by themselves?

You mean criminals blew them up to commit crimes, right?

Did they spontaneously combust? What a hack. Call the MILITARY!!

Is this like how guns kill people? Nothing to do with the human operator or anything 😂😂

How about explosives were used to steal or rob.

You mean like by themselves? I didn’t know ATM’s were capable of exploding by themselves...someone purposely blew them...how clueless can you be NBCNews..?

The people doing this must be so grief stricken about George their only outlet is to bomb atms.

They exploded? Like.... just exploded out of thin air?

Nothing says ”in remembrance“ of George Floyd like stealing ATM machines? Have these people put any thought into what they are doing?

When I put my card in the slot that option doesn’t show on the screen


Assisted explosions I'm guessing?

should learn from the Irish. you need a jcb and a van to get the job done !

Catch & jail those gadem idiots!!!!

WeiZhangAtmos Fed crypto app by the end of the year and the the bigger picture:

This is almost comical. Two weeks ago when we were on lockdown, people were crying for arrests of those who left their houses. Today they are flipping the argument for being able to violate a curfew.

...damn the authorities that forced people into such a state of deprivation. banPartialFoods - like cocaine and polishedGrain

All from TheDemocrats party by Antifa and georgesoros

Heisting ATMS was done in Sympatico with George Floyd trying to pass fake $ 20 dollar bills.

I’ve worked with and serviced ATMs for 25 years. There is no way in hell this story is true. That would put bank customers and vendors in danger. FDIC would notallow that nor would the insurance provider. This shows how low our media will go to create hysteria

But you said this was a peaceful protest? This is war against the legally elected President of the USA. Dems & media failed with the soft Coup D'Etat attempts with Russian conspiracy hoax, Ukraine impeachment, ChinaVirus shutdown, now they're desperate so hope riots will work.

NBC is a terrible media organization I hope you lose your license




Thats a whole lot of co-ordinated effort..... and a great deal of munitions and planning, especially considering that one would have to have purchased said materials during the time when one generally would not have been able to purchase such materials, at least easily.

Lock them up ! Animals

no_cut_card ATMS for BLM

Sounds kinda passive.

Well, I hear there gangs of white men wandering around “looking to f... sh.. up.” Maybe they got bored and started knocking over ATMS.

Someone should design an ATM that does not explode.

ATMs just spontaneously exploded. Wow.

You also have 40 M people unemployed and desperate.

Hmm, sounds opportunistic

good chance the cops did it

Cops that desperate for money?

13 Presents yet Doing 50

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