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Zoom Mistakes, Video Call

5 Zoom Mistakes You Might Not Realize You’re Making

3/1/2021 8:39:00 AM

After nearly a year of working remotely, it’s time to step up your Zoom game.

Give your space a once-over before joining a call, especially if it’s not a spot you typically Zoom from. Pro tip – to show less of your background, sit closer to a wall. The closer your background is to you and your laptop, the less of it will be in view. When you’re farther away, the camera shows more of the space around you.  

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Not muting yourself.Unless you’re speaking, your mic should be muted. Microphones pick up a lot of ambient noise, so if there’s someone talking in another room or a loud noise outside, that often can be heard on your call.Having everyone on mute eliminates some distractions and ensures that the speaker can stay focused on what they’re saying rather than policing microphones. This means that no one has to hear ‘could whoever is making noise please mute?’ being asked repeatedly during a meeting. It will be replaced with a few instances of ‘could you please un-mute yourself?’ until people get used to un-muting to speak, but that’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

Sharing more than just your screen.Ensure that you’re not over-sharing when you share your screen. Rather than choosing ‘share screen’, choose to share only the specific file or browser window you need. Close all other browser tabs or documents that are open so there’s no chance of you accidentally sharing the wrong one. You should also mute your notifications – you don’t want anything to pop up as you’re screen sharing. headtopics.com

One final word of advice - beware of filters.Don’t get caught like the lawyer turned cat of Internet fame! Always check your video before logging on to a call, especially if your children have been using your device or you’re using a different device than you usually do for work calls.

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