5-year-old Texas boy dies in hot car as family prepared for sibling's birthday party

The child was buckled in a safety seat where he stayed for two or three hours, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.


6/22/2022 6:16:00 PM

A 5-year-old boy in Texas has died after being left in a sweltering car for several hours as the child’s family prepared for his sibling’s birthday party, authorities say.

The child was buckled in a safety seat where he stayed for two or three hours, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

A 5-year-old boy in Texas died Monday after being left in a sweltering car for several hours as the child’s family prepared for his sibling’s birthday party, authorities said..The 5-year-old typically knows how to unbuckle himself, but the vehicle was a “loaner car,” Gonzalez said.

A representative with the sheriff’s office on Tuesday said the case is ongoing and investigators will meet with county prosecutors to present findings.reported that high temperatures in the area on Monday hovered around 100 degrees.Even if windows are left slightly open, the temperature inside a car can reach 125 degrees in minutes, and a child’s body overheats up to five times faster than an adult’s, according to

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Phone? Check. Purse, check. Keys, check. I think that’s everything, good to go How does a parent forget where their 5 year old child is! HOWParents, others that were there? No one realized this child was missing😭 Damn! Did they forget about their 5y/o? And, if so, how? Poor communication strikes again. Its the main cause of most tragedies. I should say:' this time it was NO communication'.

Nooooooooooo!!! Heartbreaking Damn they didn’t think to leave the AC on or check on him? That’s neglect and child endangerment. Sad to see a lapse in responsibility and this horrible cost. I hope that family finds peace Here's a Thousand solutions for what car manufacturers now need to do because ONE 5 year old died in a car. But 19 kids MOWED down, ZERO people suggesting changes to GUNS

JeffreyRitchey She should be charged. I’m over these “accidents” happening. Texass — say no more ThanksALotAntifa

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How on earth does a mom not realize her 5 year old didn’t get out of the car for several hours?!? Insanity. JeffreyRitchey Texas again? How many more of these senseless deaths. Parents, do better! Its way too emotional... a 5 yr old helpless little baby .. my deep hearted condolences goes out for the parents but Ibam sorry, it was sheer carelessness... how can a mother not be aware of her 5yr old baby for 2 hours? Its sad as hell !!!! A Pain that will stay 4ever 😞

I cannot understand how this is an issue EVERY year. If you would not sit in a hot car for hours, WHY would you think it's okay for your kid to! Sad Can't change stupid. Maybe everyone should drive a Tesla with its pet option so that living things in the cars don't die Or Get some common sense. I'm selling some. $150 a bottle.

Pro-life my fucking ass. Who leaves their children locked in a car — especially during the hottest time of the year? I guess we know which one is the favorite. That kid will never want to celebrate their birthday again. FFS!! Really 🤬🤬🤬 That is horrible 😰

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After 2 or 3 hours the mother noticed her child was missing ? 99.9% of mothers would have know that in seconds . The parent responsible needs to go to jail for a long time after which, they are then placed in a locked car they can not exit, in the middle of the desert at high noon. That poor mother. How do you live with yourself after that?

Gonna need to read this because a 5yo can get out of restraints and a locked car alone. How can you suck that bad at parenting? Who goes hours without seeing or looking for your 5 year old? Murder IMO I can't imagine a time that I would've done this, but maybe I was just fortunate to not be that distracted.She forgot her child, prepping a party for another child.Maybe she was under extraordinary stress or something else was wrong.Just tragic.

Absolutely horrifying for everyone. Even the 8 year old brother didn’t notice his little brother wasn’t out and about. I’m very sad for everyone. Why does this keep happening?

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I just don't get it. How do you not know where your child is? There is no way you don't realize a child is missing. Start prosecuting these parents and this will stop Texas. It's a l w a y s Texas. My Subaru tells me to check the back seat if it senses anything back there. People are absolutely irresponsible.

TX only cares about unborn children. Lots of stupid comments to read. Twitter never lets me down. Could have gone a lifetime without knowing that. Thanks Jerks Children and pets literally cooked alive. Jeezus. What a fantastic birthday message to provide for the birthday sibling. 🫥 Why is a five year old being left in the car? Our 5 yr old granddaughter gets in and out of her seat belt and booster seat on her own. The child should have been helping prepare for the party. Stupid parents.

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A lot of newer vehicles have backseat reminders. Leaving a child in the backseat is inexcusable. Terrible. I wouldn't leave my dog in a car that long. Two-three hours Mon Dieu 😔💔 💔😭 Dear God 💔😪💔 This is manslaughter or negligent homicide. You can't leave your kid in a car when it's hot period! So sad for that poor child.

OMG! 😭😭😭 Every fucking summer. How are these accidents?

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check moms phone and see how many tik toks she posted during that time. 'After two or three hours passed, Gonzalez said, the boy’s mother realized the 5-year-old was missing, and she ran to the car and saw he was still in the safety seat.'

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