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5-Year-Old Boy Dies of COVID-19 in Georgia

Now the boy’s father and his infant sister, Alyssa, have also tested positive for COVID-19.

7/24/2021 3:30:00 AM

A family in Georgia is grieving after a 5-year-old boy with no known health problems died of COVID-19. His father wrote on Facebook that he’d lost “my best friend,” according to reports.

Now the boy’s father and his infant sister, Alyssa, have also tested positive for COVID-19.

. Alarmed, he was hustled off to the local hospital. Then the next day to TC Thompson Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga, TN.”Wyatt died last Friday. Now the boy’s father, Wes Gibson, and his infant sister, Alyssa, have also tested positive for COVID-19, according to Wyatt’s godmother, Amanda Summey.

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Wes Gibson, a sheriff’s deputy in Whitfield County, wrote on Facebook that he’d lost “my best friend,” TV station WGCL reported.“Wyatt was nothing [but] joy and happiness. We loved having fun and going on adventures together. ... He was full of love and brightened everyone's world. Wyatt would wave to strangers in the grocery store, because he knew that it absolutely made their day.”

It’s rare for children to die of the. TheJournal-Constitutioncited statistics from the CDC saying only 335 of the 600,000 people who have died from COVID-19 in the United States were under 18.The COVID-19is not available for people under age 12 in the United States, though health authorities expect it to receive emergency use authorization eventually.

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"I begged him, I said, 'You need to take the vaccine, Brandon.' 'Oh, no, Mom, I'm not going to take it. And you better not take thevaccineeither,'” Antoine told CBS News. Read more: WebMD »

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MAY THE DEAR LORD BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DURING THIS TIME OF BEREAVEMENT...😔 My heart goes out to this family. And this is exactly what pisses me off about the anti-vaxxers. If they only impacted themselves, it’s one thing. They alone are perpetuating this pandemic through their denials and negatively impacting those who do not qualify for vaccination.

While this is tragic, I'm assuming you're going to be sending tweets about each of the 40 young kids who die in the US EVERY DAY instead of tricking people into thinking that kids only die of COVID. Less than 350 kids died of COVID. It is very rare compared to other causes! I read that he had multiple health issues. Why wouldn’t you disclose that? Woke Quack

Georgia family mourns 'most loving, joyous' 5-year-old boy who died from Covid-19A family in Georgia is mourning after a 5-year-old boy -- described as someone who had 'nothing but pure love' -- died just days after being diagnosed with Covid-19 . republican's? This is still the Saddest thing I’ve read all week. Dammit.

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Never Getting Sick Was Never Really The Point Of The COVID-19 VaccinesBreakthrough coronavirus cases are disappointing ― but most of them are also evidence that the shots are working. Lol Nope Lol using the name Gandhi in this narrative.

Why breakthrough COVID-19 infections don't mean the vaccine isn't workingBreakthrough COVID-19 cases aren't proof the vaccines aren't working, experts say, but are normal and expected. Wut I’m old enough to remember when they were 94% effective at preventing the disease and 100% effective against hospitalization and death. 99.5% of people being *hospitalized for COVID* right now are 🌟👉🌩⚡️💥 U N V A C C I N A T E D 🌟👉🌩⚡️💥

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