5 Ways to Develop Self-Love, and Why You Need To

The most important relationship you have in life is the one with yourself.

9/18/2021 10:02:00 AM

How to be kinder and more supportive of the one person you can't escape—yourself

The most important relationship you have in life is the one with yourself.

Allow yourself to really experience your emotions, even difficult ones.Express yourself creatively, and spend time on the activities you care about.Be patient and forgiving to yourself, and set boundaries where you need them.Source: Kichigin/Shutterstock

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Imagine if you have to spend the next 60 years stuck in an unbreakable relationship. You have to go everywhere together, do everything together, and experience life’s every joy and pain together. Would you rather this be a person you love, someone who also loves you? Or would you rather it be a just-tolerable neighbor you’re stuck tolerating forever?

Now the twist: This person is yourself. After all, you have to spend every day with you, for the rest of your life. You can either put up with yourself, occasionally being at odds or maybe even frequently irritated with this anchor. You could be dismissive towards yourself or even put yourself down, sowing doubt in your headtopics.com

or sabotaging your efforts to grow.Or you could be kind andand gentle. If given the choice, which relationship would you rather be in? And if it’s the loving one, how can you go about cultivating that love? Let’s explore a few good places to begin:1. Listen to your body.

Our bodies are our most valuable asset. Without them, we can’t enjoy good food, smell flowers, learn new skills, fall in love, challenge our assumptions, hug our families; and bodies are precious because they’re irreplaceable. But we often go around using our bodies as tools, pushing them as hard as they’ll go. I know I’m certainly guilty of often not paying

attentionto my body until something goes wrong.What happens if we pay more attention to our body’s needs? We would rest during our busy days and give ourselves the best chance for quality sleep at night. We would eat more nourishing food, spend more time in nature, and probably stretch more often. Exactly what your body needs only you know. And if you really listen, you’ll begin to rekindle a loving relationship with it.

2. Give yourself permission to feel. Read more: Psychology Today »

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Thank you. Practical, useful and uplifting advice. Needed by me and someone I deeply care about. Thank you! Love this. It’s also important to learn how to harness the power of your dark side I wish I did, but I cant

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