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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Weather The Pandemic Downturn

Own a small business? These 5 tips might help

11/30/2020 8:20:00 PM

Own a small business? These 5 tips might help

Small businesses simply can’t keep running with business as usual and expect to see continued success—they must be flexible in how they approach their operations, processes and products.

The Cheese Shop, a gourmet cheese shop and deli, transitioned to selling fresh grocery items, sandwiches and family meals with curbside pickup or shipping. It connects with customers via social media and email to announce weekly Friday dinners to go—a convenient way to get fresh, healthy meals. Staying agile allowed the company to pivot to meet customers’ current needs.

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2 . Increase efficiency.During economic uncertainty, small businesses need to hunker down and eliminate as much nonessential spending as possible. Look for ways to streamline processes, automate and increase efficiency. Even a small decrease in friction can lead to not only major cost savings, but also an improved customer experience. Cleveland-based marketing firm

Insiviais following in the footsteps of major tech companies to allow its 18 employees to permanently work from home. The company closed its large headquarters and started renting a much smaller space, which greatly reduced costs and created a more efficient work environment.

3 . Leverage technology.While many consumers are still socially distanced from businesses, life and business happen via technology. Every business can adapt and use technology to reach new customers. Many technology programs are free or low cost and can have a big impact in providing convenient, seamless experiences. Connecticut-based toy store

Necker’s Toylandhas been in business since 1948. It started offering FaceTime browsing to customers to virtually walk kids and parents through the store to choose a new toy or activity to keep them occupied during quarantine. Instead of shutting its doors completely, the store found new ways to operate with technology.

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