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Stephanie Burns, Chic Ceo

5 Ways Loving My Cat Made Me A Better Business Owner


Julia Sokol is the founder and CEO of SassClass, a dance studio empowering women to unleash their feminine expression, as well as, xixi, a creative community space for women in NYC. Here are the lessons she's applied to her business as a result of loving her pet and how we can do the same.

"I'm the one who chose to be a cat mom. Esther did not choose to be a cat or my fluffy daughter. I have to remind myself that this was a choice I made, and as such, I am 100% responsible for the good, the bad, and the ugly,” laughs Sokol."In the same way, I chose to be an entrepreneur and the CEO of my business - and as any start-up founder knows, there is definitely good, bad, and ugly. Sometimes all in one hour! When I remind myself that I chose this for myself, I feel empowered and reconnected to the sense that my destiny is in my hands."

Whether it’s a child, furbaby, goldfish, friend or parent - we all have lessons we can take with us when we care for another. Essentially, loving another is good for business!

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