5 Things We Learned from Arthur Hanlon's Upcoming HBO Max Special 'Piano y Mujer'

Ahead of @ArthurHanlon's HBO Max special 'Piano y Mujer,' here are 5 things we learned from the documentary

4/14/2021 6:00:00 AM

Ahead of ArthurHanlon's HBO Max special 'Piano y Mujer,' here are 5 things we learned from the documentary

Ahead of Arthur Hanlon's HBO Max special 'Piano y Mujer' on April 16, here are five things we learned from the documentary.

"The project just sort of evolved when I started talking to Motiff. All of a sudden, we had a mariachi and a choir. And then we thought, we need a band. But if we had a band, it had to be all women so we have a 10-piece female band with us," the piano virtuoso explains.

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From Nella's"Caballo Viejo" to García's"Evidencias," the biggest challenge was to find a way to make these songs sound different from their original versions."The problem is that everyone knows these songs so there is so much pressure to nail a different version," says Hanlon."I thought about calling Motiff because he's edgy and can play like 10 different instruments. And he has that classical formation that truly represents the essence of the project. Working together on the arrangements really allowed us to find a nice, refreshing balance for these songs."

Recorded in October at the Faena Hotel in Miami, the HBO Max special will include a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of the performances and the actual performances by Hanlon and the five featured artists, who each sing two songs: a Latin classic and one of their very own tracks. headtopics.com

Ahead of the special's arrival on HBO Max on Friday, here are five things we learned fromPiano y Mujer:Turning a theater to a sound stage Recorded in the middle of a global pandemic, Hanlon's team turned the Faena Hotel, which was empty at that time, according to the pianist, into a makeshift sound stage."We literally took over the hotel for about four days," he says."They have a small theater which we converted into a giant sound stage by taking out all the tables. The little stage they have, that’s where we put the all-female band, and then in the middle of the place we created the set. Obviously, we were all getting tested constantly."

What Hanlon looks for in collaborations as a pianist"As a pianist, I'm always looking for for the magic in the music and in this case, the magic of women with my piano," Hanlon says before performing a striking version of"Hallelujah" with Montaner on vocals. He adds, "I have a story with all of them and have collaborated with most of them in the past. That's what makes all of this extra special."

Arthur Hanlon Dedicates 'We Are the Champions' to Nurses & Doctors for Billboard Live At-Home ConcertOn why he decided to perform"Caballo Viejo" with Nella "Nella is Venezuelan and so the idea was to look for songs that everyone really feels strongly about," Hanlon says."'Caballo Viejo' is a hit and an iconic song from Venezuela. It's also one of my favorite songs of all time."

Nella adds,"Believe it or not, this is the first time I ever sing this song 'Caballo Viejo.' Although it's a song that every Venezuelan carries in their DNA, it is something special to sing that song now. I thank you for letting me bring something from my country to this project." headtopics.com

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Jairo Varela is Goyo's ... cousin (not uncle)When ChocQuibTown's Gloria"Goyo" Martínez takes the stage with Hanlon, they talk about why they chose to perform Grupo Niche's"Gotas de Lluvia.""I told [Goyo] one of my biggest heroes in music is Jairo Varela [Grupo Niche's founder] and she said, 'He's my uncle.'"

"Well, I used to call himtío(uncle) because that's what you call older people in Colombia and I always saw him as an older person with authority," explains Goyo."But in reality he was my cousin. It's the first time I say that."

The first thing Natalia Jiménez and Hanlon do when visiting Mexico is ... The Spanish singer and Hanlon perform a heartfelt rendition of"Cielo Rojo," one of the iconic Flor Silvestre's signature songs, with a live mariachi. Following their performance, the pair reveal the first thing they do when they're visiting Mexico:"When I get off the plane, the first thing I need to do is eat a taco," says Hanlon. Jiménez adds,"lots of tacos and drinks."

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