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5 things to know today - that aren't about the virus

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that are being talked about today: 1. BIDEN’S NEXT BIG DECISION IS CHOOSING A VICE PRESIDENT The presumptive...

4/10/2020 2:01:00 PM

5 things in the news that aren't about the coronavirus: — Biden’s next big decision: Choosing a running mate; — As Trump rails against mail voting, some allies embrace it; — Barr says Russia probe was started ‘without basis.’

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that are being talked about today: 1. BIDEN’S NEXT BIG DECISION IS CHOOSING A VICE PRESIDENT The presumptive...

1.The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee expects to name a committee to vet potential running mates next week, according to three Democrats with knowledge of the situation.2.President Donald Trump is warning without evidence that expanding mail-in voting will increase voter fraud.

The Latest: Atlanta mayor: 2 police officers fired George Floyd protest live updates: Philly mayor says protests' message 'desecrated' by violence George Floyd protest live updates: Demonstrations continue in Minneapolis, NYC, LA, elsewhere

3.Attorney General William Barr believes the Russia investigation that shadowed President Donald Trump for the first two years of his administration was started without any basis.4.Saudi Arabia proposes a reduction in oil production by OPEC and other oil-producing countries including Russia involves a 10 million barrels per day cut until July.

5.A second wave of young desert locusts, some 20 times the size of the first, is arriving in Africa. Billions of the voracious insects are winging in from breeding grounds in Somalia. Read more: The Associated Press »

Ugh, bring back the Coronavirus news. WMN4SRVL If he's to unite us, JoeBiden should choose Universal Healthcare as a running mate, embodied by someone younger & much more progressive than himself. He needs to understand it's not 1993, or 2008 anymore. COVID-19 has shown our for-profit system is hopelessly flawed & broken.

Joe will be told who the VP candidate is when the mediamplete vetting. Mail voting is a side door money pump to the Postal Service without addressing needed changes. Mail theft is endemic not pandemic & ballots will be stolen & sold. Who paid for the Steele Dossier? 1) Biden’s choice. 2) Voting by mail works, has for years. It eliminates tampering by the GOP, 45 & the RU. 3) Read Mueller Report which Barr misrepresented in a 4 page memo crammed w/lies. Don Jr/Manafort/Kushner met w/5 Russians to get dirt on HRC. Fed Judge doesn’t trust AG.

You forgot MSM ratings and confidence at all time low FakeNewsAlert Hopefully ewarren will decide to be JoeBiden's running mate. No-one (besides possibly MichelleObama) would annoy the White House more... You think Biden gets to choose? He'll be told! If Biden picks SenKamalaHarris as VP then I will be a solid Trump vote. She is a political opportunist who will do anything to get ahead even adultery. That's how she got her start in politics.

Trump will let postal service fail. Oh really, then please release Reality Winner from jail. No basic right. Barr is a damn liar. A total disgrace. spoileralert : JoeBiden 's running mate: KamalaHarris KamalaHarris JoeBiden Only way he might not lose.... CuomoForPresident NYGovCuomo I am afraid we are going to see a repeat of 2016 with Biden. The media pushed him 24/7 like they Hilary. We never learn from our mistakes.

Joe is sniffing around for a running mate. We all know Joe is gonna pick pot roast as his running mate. He'll call it vice president roast beef out of confusion. He's spent. Put him out to pasture This third bullet should state that Barr inaccurately thinks that, against all evidence and contradicting his own investigative team. This is how conspiracies and the acceptance of false claims start.

Warren I would watch the status of the United States Postal Service. The WH knows it needs help but isn't likely to bail it out any time soon. If anything, the WH will let it fail. For this reason: VOTE BY MAIL. No USPS, no mail-in ballots. VoteByMail Barr’s is a ass. I hope and pray all these trump people are gone in January.

😂😂😂 i’d rather hear about corona tbh الحاخام المجوسي الارهابي خامني وزمرته الارهابيه واذنابه في كل مكان هم مصدر الفيروسات في العالم كان لديهم 100 طالب صيني يدرسون الدين الشيعي اليهودي ونقلوالفيروسات الا الصين ومن هناك انتشر الفيروس للعالم ايران مصدر الارهاب والشر والظلال والفساد والشرك وما يعانيه العالم من فيروسات

Somebody, anybody - send the fact that mail voter fraud from 2016 was by a republican, destroying Dem votes. Acosta came near mentioning it - you should all be shouting it from the rooftops. Barr is a sinister evil bought and paid for soul sucking tratior to America Really hoping he chooses KamalaHarris

WilliamBarr 'They just closed all the buffets, so I might as well say something.'

5 things to know today - that aren't about the virus5 things in the news that aren't about the coronavirus: — Biden vs. Trump: General election battle is now set; — ‘Houston, we’ve had a problem’: Remembering Apollo 13 at 50; — Linda Tripp, whose tapes exposed Clinton affair, dies at 70. Joe Biden who? Joe Biden is asking. 6. Biden vs Trump isn't going to be the line up. Hmmm, do we need to start the 'Linda Tripp didn't kill herself' conspiracy or still too soon? ClintonBodyCount EpsteinDidntKillHimself

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Fauci outlines return to normal once coronavirus outbreak weakensLATEST: Dr. Fauci tells TODAYshow on Thursday that he thinks the U.S. may be experiencing the “beginning” of the flattening of the curve with the corona virus outbreak , but said the virus will determine when life returns to normal. CoronaUpdateBot TODAYshow inb4 liberals are mad that the deaths are going down and Trump is still in office. TODAYshow get back to work u lazy bas... TODAYshow Will the $2.3 trillion last until then? 🤔

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