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Upper Body Workouts, Strength Training

5 Moves for a Quick and Complete Upper-Body Workout

You’ll be feeling this tomorrow.

6/14/2021 9:07:00 PM

You’ll be feeling this tomorrow.

You’ll be feeling this tomorrow.

Single-Arm RowStand with your feet hip-width apart, holding a medium weight in your right hand with your arm at your side. Step forward about two feet with your left foot, and rest your left hand on your left quad.With your core engaged, hinge forward at the hips, pushing your butt back, and bend your left knee, so that your back is no lower than parallel to the floor. (Depending on your hip mobility and hamstring flexibility, you may not be able to bend so far over.) Gaze at the ground a few inches in front of your feet to keep your neck in a comfortable position.

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Do a row with your right arm by pulling the weight up toward your chest, keeping your elbows hugged close to your body, and squeezing your shoulder blade for two seconds at the top of the movement. Your elbow should go past your back as you bring the weight toward your chest.

Slowly lower the weight by extending your arms toward the floor. That's 1 rep. Continue for 10 reps.Complete all your reps on the right side, and then switch and repeat on the left.This exercise works your trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, rotator cuff muscles, and rear deltoids, your biceps come in to assist the move. Focus on retracting your shoulder blade as you pull rather than jerking your arm back. headtopics.com

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