5 Facts about Fphubbing

How friend phone snubbing or “Fphubbing” can hurt your relationships.

12/2/2021 9:32:00 PM

Why is it that some people can't stop paying more attention to their smartphones than their friends—even when it hurts the friendship? ThisJenKim explains this common phenomenon.

How friend phone snubbing or “Fphubbing” can hurt your relationships.

3. Fphubbing usually happens in groupsIf you’re in a group of three or more, then there’s a good chance at least one person will be guilty of fphubbing. Often, the fphubber assumes that no one will notice because they are in a group environment. This dynamic and rationale is especially prevalent in the workplace, when a colleague is talking, but others are typing away at their screens because they assume that no one is paying

to them.4. The more you Fphub, the worse your friendshipThe researchers affirmed previous studies which found that the more people used their phones in the presence of close friends, the lower satisfaction they felt with those relationships. In other words, people use their smartphones as a way to avoid or escape unsatisfying friendships.

5. Turn your phone over

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