5 Brunch Gadgets Tested By Design Expert

Which ones would you use?

10/16/2021 6:00:00 PM

Which ones would you use?

Design and usability guru Dan Formosa returns to evaluate and improve upon 5 gadgets designed to help get you out of the kitchen and back to the mimosas during a homemade brunch. Watch as he tests each device, putting them through the gauntlet while commenting on what works, what doesn't, and what he'd do to improve their design.

a three out of five.It's not the greatest product in the world,but I'd have to say if you had to use it,I think you'd be able to do it.In terms of taste stability,I would give these blueberry pancakes five out of five.Let's talk about a redesign.

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So someone needs to rethink these whisk like wires becausethey are not reaching all corners of the container.There are a couple of ways to do that.One is, I guess obvious,just shape these so that they actually do come downand touch the side.I think also what I would do is make the top,

I would make this a screw top.So it's a little bit easier to screw on or unscrew.Maybe there are a couple of things I can go on discussing,but I think there is definite roomfor improvement for this device.In terms of a buy rating,I would give the hand cranked batter dispenser headtopics.com

a one out of five.If you have to go in with another utensil,then what's the point?Nobody comes between me and my pancakes.Bagel slicer.It's purpose in life is to slice a bagelin one single motion.Let's see how effective it is.So we're in New York City,

this is a New York city sized bagel.It's pretty large.Let's put it in place.I'm going to close it up and we're not exactly lockingthe way it should.Boy, this bagel may be just a little too fatto allow the two sides to close.So let me just hold the two sides closed

and let's see what it does.Ugh, it's not working that well,although I guess it's slicing, I can feel it.The two sides are not going to open.They are locked shut until I liftthe lever back up to vertical position.And let's see what we did with the bagel.

A well sliced bagel.Let's try a smaller bagel.I'm going to place it, again, this is not clicking in place.Let me try something here.When the bagel is not there,it's not really clicking in place anyway.Maybe it really doesn't want to click in place. headtopics.com

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So let's see how using the bagel slicercompares to using a bread knife.[bouncy music]The bagel slicer had a couple of problems,but I will say I did feel a whole lot safer using it.In terms of effectiveness.I'd give the bagel slicer a a five out of five.

It did what I expected it to do.It had just a few problems,but I think I would recommend it.Time for the left-handed oil test.I'm going to open the two sides.I've got a pumpernickel bagel, pumpernickel bagels,not at all controversial.It sliced really evenly right down the middle,

probably more evenly than I would do with a knife.In terms of usability,I would give the bagel slicer a four out of five.I feel like it should have closed and locked itself shut,and that's just dropping it down a point.It's not a horrible problem.

So let's talk about a redesign.I think the biggest thing I would tackle is the fact thatthese two sides, when a bagel is in place,it's just not holding itself closed.And the problem is bagels don't have a hole in the middlethat's this size. headtopics.com

Because of that, we've got this part herethat's going to cause that bagel to push the sides open.I would probably not come in that much with the sides,but I would keep this middle section wide openor at least make it wider.The other thing I would watch and rethink

is the way these latches work.When this closes, you want to have a really good click.What that would mean is that when you close it,not only will you hear it closed with a really definiteclick, but you'll also feel it click closed.So you'd have that sort of haptic feedback or tactile

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feedback when you close it.So you know that the bagel is locked in place.In terms of a buy rating,I would give the bagel slice at four out of five.It has a couple of faults,which would have been easy to eliminate those faults.But in either case, I think it does its job.

At least they keep your fingers safe, Dan.Oh, I appreciate that.Its purpose in life isto crack open an egg with one squeeze of the hand.Let's see how effective it is.So I'm going to start first with a medium egg.Let's put it in place.I'm going to give it a squeeze,

one handed squeeze and it cracked and emptied the egg,and I'd say that was pretty successful.So what I've got to do now is get rid of the shell.And let's try again.Let's put in another medium egg.I'm going to squeeze it, and that's okay.

Any shell droppings?No, I think it's pretty clean.Let's try a large egg.Gonna squeeze.We don't have any shell in the bowl.So this is working better than eggpected.And I was forced to say that.Let's see how the egg shellcracker compares to using the rim of a bowl

and just my hands.I think using the bowl and my hands was a little quicker.My technique sometimes is a little more successful thanothers in terms of getting a shell inside.But I would expect that would bethe same with the egg shell cracker.in terms of effectiveness,

I'd give the egg shell cracker a five out of five.Even though I feel that the eight shell cracker works okay,I'm not sure it's really necessary.Let's test its usability using a slippery left-hand.Let's try again with a medium-sized egg,

put it in place, squeeze it.That worked just as well as with my right hand.Let's try again with a large egg.It's taking just a little more force to squeeze it,but not much.Oh, congratulations, we have twins.In terms of usability,I would give the egg shell cracker a four out of five.

I think it worked pretty well.I have a couple of thoughts about redesigning it to make itjust a little more user-friendly but I think it was okay.Here's what I would think about a redesign as I'm squeezingthis, these edges are rather, they're not really sharp,

but they just don't feel like it'sthat friendly to your hands.What I would think about is curving this a little moreseverely, maybe even curving itso it points in a little bit.I think the other thing I would do, and again,this may just be aesthetic on my part,

but instead of having the spring wrap around,I think I would make this springjust move in a straight line.So I would come up with something that would hold the springa little more outside,so it's not wrapping around the front of this.So that being said,

I wouldn't go too much further than that.In terms of a buy rating,I'm going to give the eggshell cracker a three.For some people they may love it.It's really kind of clever and fun to use.For other people may be a one, just not necessary.So I'm going to shoot right down

the middle and give it a three.Just like Savage Garden said, ooh, I want you,I don't know if I need you.Manual fruit juicer.It is designed to squeeze juice out of fruit,with one push of the lever.I'm going to try this first with half of an orange,

I'm going to just start squeezing,push down, push down, push down.Good, that little plastic piece popped up.I think maybe half an orange was a little too much for it.See what we got.Okay, well that's something.It does look pretty well squeezed out,

but I'm going to try it again.This time I'm going to cut the orangeinto quarters instead of using the complete half.I'm gonna place it in, squeeze again.It's feeling like it's fitting in there better.And let's pour it out and see where we get.

Not too bad.Let's see how the manual fruit juicer compares to using justa plain old wooden reamer.[bouncy music]Given a whole lot of oranges and making a lot of juice,I would definitely prefer the manual fruit juicer.In terms of effectiveness,I would give the manual fruit juicer, a five out of five.

It does what it's supposed to do,and it does that with probablya five to one mechanical advantage.This little egg shape thing that we're pressing.I do feel a pressure point here,which I wasn't really noticing before.This tastes pretty good,

but I think I have a way to make it taste better.When you are talking about brunch, Read more: epicurious »

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