5 books not to miss: Ilhan Omar memoir, Michael Connelly ‘Fair Warning,’ 'Book of Eels'

This week's best new releases include a new memoir by Rep. @Ilhan Omar and 'Fair Warning' by Michael Connelly (@Connellybooks).

5/23/2020 5:45:00 PM

This week's best new releases include a new memoir by Rep. Ilhan Omar and 'Fair Warning' by Michael Connelly (Connellybooks).

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar shares her incredible life story in 'This Is What America Looks Like;' Michael Connelly publishes thriller 'Fair Warning.'

USA TODAYIn search of something good to read? USA TODAY's Barbara VanDenburgh scopes out the shelves for this week’s hottest new book releases.1. “This Is What America Looks Like: My Journey from Refugee to Congresswoman,”by Ilhan Omar (Dey Street, nonfiction, on sale May 26)

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What it’s about:An intimate memoir from progressive congresswoman Omar, the first African refugee and Somali-American to be elected to Congress, that traces her rise from a displaced child refugee of the Somali Civil War.The buzz:“No matter a reader's personal politics, Omar's life should serve as an inspiration,” says a starred review in Kirkus Reviews.

2. “Fair Warning,”by Michael Connelly (Little, Brown and Company, fiction, on sale May 26)What it’s about:Journalist Jack McEvoy is back in a new thriller, tracking down a serial killer using genetic data to select his targets – including a woman with whom Jack had a one-night stand.

The buzz:“Darkly essential reading for every genre fan who’s ever considered sending a swab to a mail-order DNA testing service,” says a starred review in Kirkus Reviews.3. “The Book of Eels: Our Enduring Fascination with the Most Mysterious Creature in the Natural World,”

by Patrik Svensson (Ecco, nonfiction, on sale May 26)What it’s about:Despite the advances of modern science, surprisingly little is known about the European eel. Swedish journalist Svensson blends nature writing with memoir to create a portrait of this unusual and misunderstood creature – and in doing so, examines the human condition.

The buzz:“Nature-loving readers will be enthralled by Svensson’s fascinating zoological odyssey,” says a starred review in Publishers Weekly.4. “All My Mother’s Lovers,”by Ilana Masad (Dutton, fiction, on sale May 26)What it’s about:Maggie’s mother suddenly dies in a car crash, leaving behind five sealed envelopes addressed to men she’s never heard of. In flight from her grief, Maggie goes on a road trip to deliver each letter personally and discover what these men meant to her mother.

The buzz:“Masad has written a melancholy and memorable reminder of how little we often know about the people who raise us,” says a ★★★½ review for USA TODAY.5. “Breath,”by James Nestor (Riverhead, nonfiction, on sale May 26)What it’s about:We do it 25,000 times a day: take air in, let air out. Yet according to science journalist Nestor, we’re breathing all wrong. He travels the world trying to figure out how and why it all went wrong, and how we can all breathe better.

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IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks USA did wrong decesion when given you assalum in his country. Your type of intellectual terrorist can make this beautiful America like Syria in coming year. Ilhan Connellybooks Anti Semite Ilhan Connellybooks 🤮 Ilhan Connellybooks 👍🏻 Ilhan Connellybooks That's a miss read

Ilhan Connellybooks So is this a fact or FICTION book Or a Disney book. I know you think you are Alladin But umm nope you are a fake and a fraud. This book will most likely not be a hit! Ilhan Connellybooks Is it fiction? IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Ilhan Connellybooks No thanks IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks And you are trying to destroy the very country that gave you freedom. Adulteress.omisevil

Ilhan Connellybooks What chapter do you talk about marriage your own brother? Committing tax fraud? Immigration fraud? Ilhan Connellybooks “How to marry your brother “ Ilhan Connellybooks Can't seem to understand when someone has lied to the public that their credibility lessons. Crazy thing is when the person brings out their own truth of their lie

Ilhan Connellybooks IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks yes your journey to criminal and traitor to America. reality Ilhan Connellybooks IlhanMN miss everything free is trying to benefit & make money of her garbage book. 🤔 smells like capitalist greed to me. What next Hollywood movie. IlhanMN & AOC & realDonaldTrump are the most dishonest people

Ilhan Connellybooks Memoir, Thoughts from a Terrorist who scammed her way into America Ilhan Connellybooks No, I definitely think I CAN miss it. IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Here’s another must read Ilhan Connellybooks Fiction Ilhan Connellybooks 🤮🤮🤮 IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Library closed, don't understand why, so only reading free stuff.

Ilhan Connellybooks Can't wait to read IlhanMN's book! Ilhan Connellybooks Oh yeah gonna run right out to get a copy! Members of Congress are no longer permitted to do paid speeches. But they’re not restricted to earning income from writing a book. She’s been watching Bernie very closely! Ilhan Connellybooks Fuck off am I reading that.

Ilhan Connellybooks Ilhan Connellybooks FakeNewsAlert Ilhan Connellybooks Hitler had the same profile pic Ilhan Connellybooks Five books TO miss and we will! IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Does she finally talk bout how she comminted a felony by stealing thousands of dollars? Or how she married her brother?

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks 🤣😂🤣😂 Ilhan Connellybooks 🤣🤣🤣 Ilhan Connellybooks Unfollow Ilhan Connellybooks No thanks IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks .Soros will buy 100,000 and Yemen and Turkey will buy the rest. Unless she’s writing about how she broke the law and married her brother there won’t be much to read.

Ilhan Connellybooks haha does it have sex stuff in it with her doing her brother ? Ilhan Connellybooks I hope she becomes a memoir soon... Ilhan Connellybooks A book by someone who believes in Sharia Laws and not Human Rights. Ilhan Connellybooks I hope it's filed under 'Fiction'... as everything she says, and does-- Has Turned Out To Be!!

Ilhan Connellybooks Does the memoir include how immigration, marriage, and tax fraud were done? Ilhan Connellybooks Burn it IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks You have a hard head don't you realize people don't want you in Congress Ilhan Connellybooks Memoir?! LOL 😂 Ilhan Connellybooks to a Anti-American Terrorist!

Ilhan Connellybooks Oh so like Bernie she's trying to make money with books, I thought she was anti-capitalist or is she giving them out for free? Ilhan Connellybooks Want to read an amazing memoir, read 'Infidel', by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ilhan Connellybooks Best memoir on how to support Islamic terror and how to excoriate critics as Islamophobes. Congratulations USA Today for supporting terror sympathizers! Never forget 9/11!

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks I wonder if she’s written a book on why she thinks that we should do incest Ilhan Connellybooks If you want to know about Somalia follow me IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Ilhan Omer is an inspiration. Her fight for the people of this country is phenomenal. May God give her strength, give her protection to continue her struggle. IlhanMN Ilhan

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks 🤢 🤢 🤮 Ilhan Connellybooks EID MUBAKA IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Ilhan Connellybooks 100,000 people are dead. And Ilhan is writing books to make money. Disgusting. IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks IIhah memoir - How I opened up to my brother. A true somalian incest story.

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks funny Ilhan Connellybooks You can’t be serious that someone would pay for Omar’s book. Ilhan Connellybooks USA Today has lost its way. Bias editors, Bias journalist and is FAKE NEWS... Pushing this Anti American on us... is disturbing. Do you share her political ideology? Waiting .......

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Her 'incredible' journey is ripe with corruption. IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks It’s the actual American dream, not whatever it is that Trump stole from his father. IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Omar follows Islam that says women are deficient in intellect, men can marry several wives, behead the infidels, cut limbs of thieves. No human rights but sharia laws. What is the value of the book by someone with this dark age mentality?

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Omar Memoir “I hate Anerica and Americans and freedom and will do everything i can to destroy them” Already in talks with Hollywood for a movie and pre-approved for a Pulitzer prize. Ilhan Connellybooks Is it sell so well cause Walmart is out of toilet paper? IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks SHE IS A THIEF. FOOD DONOR MONEY GOING IN HER POCKET? WHERE’S THAT STORY? USA TODAY USED TO BE A GREAT SOURCE OF NEWS. You are slowly becoming a liberal leftist media source.

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Another way for Ilhan to exploit America! She lies on a daily basis, why would we want to spend our money on a book with lies when we can read her tweets for free? I for one do not care what she has to say, she’s anti-American! IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks If you’re what america looks like, boy are some people in trouble. They’ve got to hate Israel and america, love Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Iran, love the illegal border crossers, want Medicare for all and voting rights, including the aforementioned illegals.


IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t black,” Mr. Biden said. ...ILHAN HABIBI, HAVE YOU COMMENTED ABOUT THIS? ..I bet you would be ranting off the hook if trump said it Ilhan Connellybooks She came to the USA and then hates same? Why didn’t she just stay home!

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Any politician that infringes on your freedom, our constitution must be voted out, or thrown out. NBCNews CNN ABC CBSNews MSNBC 👈🏼 Democrats always get a pass from these assholes. IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Fair Warning--- Her oath to uphold the Constitution per art6.3 means nothing to her, and neither do the rights of the individual.

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Can't wait to read Trumps memoir. Will be the biggest selling book to never appear on Obamas 'must read books'... Because he'll be in jail. obamagate IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks IlhanMN You committed Immigration Fraud Why are you not Deported? IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Ilhan Omar is a snake. VoteHerOut

Ilhan Connellybooks Thank God for the new Ilhan book. No shortage of toilet paper anymore. IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks 🤮🤮🤮🤮 IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Does it finally reveal why her dad and her ex-husband are both named Nur Said? IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Omar's book is very easy to navigate. Each chapter is named after a husband.

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks I wonder if all the people talking shit on illhan would have the courage to say that vile shit to her face, I know they don’t IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Is it free ? Like everything else you want to give the “people” IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks How to make America Somalia again

IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Rep Omar’s book is going be awesome - gonna sell dozens and dozens I suspect. IlhanMN Ilhan Connellybooks Do not bring Africa here ! Ilhan Connellybooks More lies from Omar. Not interested in her book Ilhan Connellybooks Let me retitle the book how I married my brother.

Ilhan Connellybooks I wonder if she talks about marrying her brother? Ilhan Connellybooks Will she discuss her affairs? Her marriage to her brother? Her immigration fraud? The Antisemitic remarks she has made? Her fraudulent use of campaign funds? 🤔 Ilhan Connellybooks It is indeed incredible that she passionately hates a country that saved from hellish life in a refugee camp in Kenya and in her native war-torn Somalia. Also incredible is that someone who openly likes al-Qaeda was elected to U.S. Congress.

Ilhan Connellybooks Ilhan Connellybooks Will she be discussing her marriage to her brother? Immigration fraud? Tax fraud? Her anti Semitic tropes? Ilhan Connellybooks

Ilhan Omar Is Ready to Tell Her Own Story'My aspiration has always been to try to do the best that I can do and get us closer to the America that I dreamt about, imagined, and my family talked about.' IlhanMN IlhanMN Spewing hate and spurring on boos against Hillary Clinton, along with the rest of the antiDem bigot ‘squad’ does NOT fit this narrative. VoteOutIlhanOmar VOTE THEM OUT! IlhanMN The America she dreamt about is islamic. IlhanMN This is nothing but lies

Michael Connelly on 'fake news,' COVID-19 writing and his nonprofit-set thriller'Fair Warning,' Connelly's latest, sends ex-L.A. Times journalist Jack McEvoy into a nonprofit news-gathering organization. The author talks shutdown.

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