5 Black Influencers on How Beauty Brands Can Do Better

ELLE.com talks to five influencers about how far the beauty industry has come, and how much work needs to be done.

9/23/2020 9:52:00 AM

'Black women spend the most money in the beauty world, so if we're spending the most money we need to be represented. We need to have a say so in what's going on in these companies.'

ELLE.com talks to five influencers about how far the beauty industry has come, and how much work needs to be done.

When I need a foundation that works right away, I'm going for my Urban Decay Stay Naked.What's your favorite Black-owned beauty product?Coloured Raine everything. Coloured Raine has amazing eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushes. Coloured Raine has a lot of good stuff.

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Shanygne Maurice (@yagirltoomuch)CourtesyWhat changes have you seen in the makeup industry since we last spoke in 2018?Two years ago, it seemed as if every brand was in a race of who could put out the most foundation shades. And people got lost in the idea that just having a lot of foundation shades means they've cracked the code on diversity when, really, if the rest of your brand isn't consistent then you didn't do anything meaningful. There are brands that have gotten better since then. But there are some brands who either put out their inclusive shade ranges in the last two years, and didn'tkeep the same energy with concealer, bronzer, contour, etc.

Especially right now in 2020, it seems it's the year of bronzers and every brand is putting out their own bronzer. I did a video swatching the latest bronzers and a lot of them—between their advertising and what the product actually looks like—there was a disconnect there because the shades didn't match IRL. It goes to show how genuine some of these brands are, because if you have to Photoshop a color to make it look dark online but ashy or lighter in person, that says a lot about how a brand views us. We're clearly not important enough for them to put any effort into making products for us.

Is there truly hope for brands to"keep the same energy" or do you feel like the same outdated outlook persists behind these launches?Well, minimal effort was being put in before this whole"inclusive" wave. Before the Black Lives Matter movement that's going on right now, it's always been a thing. But before it became as widely talked about as it is right now, before George Floyd's death, you could see that the inclusive marketing that some brands were using was already starting to die down. And I'm happy it's been brought back up again because of the current place that we're in right now.

You can look on a brand's Instagram page and scroll back to 2019 and see what maybe one dark skinned person on there, maybe throw in a couple other people of color. But a brand drop 60 foundation shades and deserve a pat on the back? That energy wasn't being kept until right now. And right now everyone with Pull Up or Shut Up, putting out their business, brands are reaching out to black creators. Even now some people have already said that that energy has started to die down. It's a matter of if a brand genuinely wants to do better, they're going to. It will become clearer to see which brands hop on for the moment and then go back because championing diversity is too much work for them.

What's your advice to the Black consumers who are finding it hard to trust any brands these days?Write down the names and take screenshots of how brands are responding to the current climate and Pull Up or Shut Up. In a few months, revisit those brands to see if they stayed true to their words, especially since right now, we need 18 new releases. So it really puts these brands in a competitive place where they're going to have to put your money where your mouth is, because if brand A and brand B release something, but brand B does better, then brand B is probably going to get that person's purchase. Spend your money on brands that support you year-round, not just for the moment.

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The sad news is that they come out looking like clown and they don’t even see it. They’re boyfriends and husbands probably notices but can’t say because “thy don’t wanna offend them”. What a joke. The most money on inefffective, poisonous, and unhealthy products! In addition, its being sold to us often by people who are not representatives of the community they serve.

Your say is to own your own damn beauty companies. Reap those profits I definitely agree with this, More black women on the board seats. Nice black owned lipgloss starting at $2 Look at youuu 🥰 MakeupForWOC ! Ouuuuuuu 👀😍 MakeupForWOC CocoaSwatches and yagirltoomuch are literally the only two influencers who I can confidently shade match to. And I had to do so much work to find them. Clearly algorithms are rigged because I get recommended lighter individuals everyday on YouTube.

Look at my favs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Monicastylemuse yagirltoomuch

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