49ers Star Nick Bosa Appears To Take Leak On Bleachers At H.S. Football Stadium

49ers star Nick Bosa appeared to take a bathroom break on the bleachers during practice at a local high school football field on Friday.

1/22/2022 2:21:00 AM

49ers star Nick Bosa appeared to take a bathroom break on the bleachers during practice at a local high school football field on Friday.

49ers star Nick Bosa appeared to take a bathroom break on the bleachers during practice at a local high school football field on Friday.

TMZ Sportshas the pic.

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How horny do you have to be to take a picture of somebody pissing? Ew Exposing himself around minors Maybe he likes to text in private 🙃 Why is this news? 'Fine him too!' SUPER GLUING A JAR AND ASKING PEOPLE TO OPEN IT How are you guys just everywhere? He can do no wrong! he is not pissing on the seats ....so what's the problem

Better than a dookie.

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Who cares Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Perverts!! I would be honored if an NFL player pissed at my school Big deal get off his 🥜🥜 already! Misleading headline. Pointless story. Move along. I’m sure he’s hanging out at the game wearing his own jersey. seemslegit high school players do this at practice all the time.. for most high schools, we dont have a portapotty around, so the closest bathroom is a 15 minute jog

Blame it on CTE He should be arrested

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So he's a normal guy like the rest of us 🤷‍♂️ He's white, he can do stuff like this with no issues. It's cute to white people and the media. So? Probably checking his phone So just a man being a man? Great news work 😒 When you gotta go you gotta go.... Seriously? That’s newsworthy Lock him up!! Is it necessary to report on EVERYTHING?


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The 49ers should release him. The NFL should also suspend him 6 games and fine him $50,000. Who cares. I piss off my front porch while my dog is taking a massive shit in my front yard. NFL players are no role models So now he will have to register as a sex offender?... When you are wealthy you can afford a little fine..

And? He just like us. Minus the MAGA part Busy news day. MelBear26

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tjwinborn Does he have to register as a sex offender now since it was at a school? Slow news day TMZ photographer: 'Yeah man, I'm just cuh-rushing over at TMZ. Totally caught Nick Bosa taking a piss the other day. It was wild!' Friend: 'And you enjoy this? Photographing men urinating for money?' TMZ photographer: 'It's my dream, bro. Don't dream shame me.'

Who cares lmao When ya gotta go, ya gotta go So what. loucabrera77 That could be ANYBODY!

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appeared to relieve himself right on the bleachers at a high school football stadium ... and TMZ Sports has the pic. The Niners -- who are set to face off against the Green Bay Packers this weekend -- practiced at a local Bay Port H.S. on Friday in order to adjust to the anticipated weather conditions before the big matchup ... and at some point, 24-year-old Bosa seemingly had to go #1.