45 Self-Evident Truths About Donald Trump

After five years, we have learned who he really is.

10/29/2020 4:03:00 PM

After five years, we have learned who Donald Trump really is — not just as a politician with a set of policies, but as a person. Here are 45 self-evident truths about the president:

After five years, we have learned who he really is.

of “The Apprentice” to his rowdy and improbable political ascent, the craters of his most marked failures follow closely on his most consequential successes. He is this way, say people who know him well, because of his unshakable self-assurance and nerve but also because of his insatiable appetite for attention and conflict.

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“It’s true of everything he goes into,” Trump biographer Tim O’Brienme. “He will hunker down and do something well—and then he thinks he’s Zeus.” And that’s when the trouble starts. “Because he’s not Zeus.”12. Bigger is always better.In the ’80s, on the Upper West Side, he

to build a “mammoth mall” and a “giant garage” and apartments “above the clouds.”“New Yorkers want to have the world’s tallest building,” he said. “And frankly, so do I.”13. The answer to any problem is always more Trump.It’s part of:Even as its numbers dipped, he

insisted [“The Apprentice”] was still on top; he picked fights with critics and blamed others; and maybe most notably, he took on an even bigger role. Rewatching the show’s first season, he is the star—no question about that—but it’s surprising how infrequently he appears; he introduces the tasks, and then mostly vanishes as his teams bicker and compete until the climactic boardroom scenes when he fires somebody. But in the second season, things change. There’s less team, more Trump. He makes more appearances in the middle, and the boardroom scenes are longer. And it’s not only that he’s

theremore. The volume is turned up. He’s meaner. More performative. There are more soaring shots of his plane. More over-the-top shots of his scowl. It’s hard to quantify, but it’s hard to miss, too.14. Exhaust the enemy.toldme.“He uses it to wear people out, whether it’s financially or emotionally,” former Trump casino executive Jack O’Donnell

toldme.“Did he learn from the Television City debacle that he shouldn’t get too big, too fast, too loud? No,” Brendan Sexton, a former president of New York’s Municipal Art Society,me. “Maybe what he learned is … think big, talk big, make a big splash. And let the other guys fight to keep up with him.”

15. It’s good to be selfish.“He’s not going to be that concerned with the actual competent administration of the government,” Michael D’Antoniodays before his inauguration. “It’s going to be what he seems to be gaining or losing in public esteem.”“More than any person I’ve ever met, he’s focused on how things impact

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This guy makes me throwup. DumpTrump2020 There is but one self evident truth that supplants all others. He has no integrity, period. He'd lie to his mother. After 5 years, we have learned who Politico is - not just as an organization with a set of policy preferences, but as an entity. The one self evident truth about Politico: It is a propaganda outlet for the Democratic party. TonyBobulinski

A despicable excuse for a human being. For many of us, we didn't need five years. Number 35 is what we need to do right now. Having lived in the NYC area in the 60’s thru 80’s, I’ve been watching The Don for a long time. Tried to warn y’all dropitoff Do NOT rely on USPS. VOTE IN PERSON OR DROP IT OFF!!! Your vote counts. Your voice matters!!

Fake rephrehensible news. Enemy of the people.

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