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Preserving, Sauce

43 Tomato Sauce Recipes for All Your Pasta-Adjacent Needs

Tomatoes: 'You know I've got the sauce. You know I'm saucy.'

9/20/2021 1:20:00 AM

Tomato es: 'You know I've got the sauce. You know I'm saucy.'

Whether you're looking for ways to doctor up canned tomatoes or use summer's ripest fruits to top pasta, fish, chicken, and more, your new favorite tomato sauce recipe is here.

wouldn'tyou make your own? Here, everything you need to turn peak produce or the canned stuff into delicious tomato sauces to top pasta, fish, chicken, and more.Photograph by Emma Fishman, Food Styling by D'mytrek Brown, Props from Meilen Ceramics

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1/43Quick Tomato Chicken CurryThe honey lends a sweet, caramelize-y twist to this quick curry, but if you want to up the heat, add a big pinch of cayenne pepper. Have some thick, crusty bread handy to scoop up all the extra sauce, or serve alongside a pile of rice for a low-maintenance comfort food dinner.

Photo by Emma Fishman, Food Styling by Sue Li Read more: Bon Appétit »

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Pull-Apart BreadsticksWhen a recipe calls for sopping up sauce, these breadsticks are your sopper-uppers of choice. This tweet from is retweeted via foods_HQ which tracks selected cooking related handles and retweets them 24x7. Follow to be always up to date with everything happening in the food world. Retweet and spread the word.

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Charred Broccoli Salad With FigsThis charred broccoli salad with swooshes of rich broccoli-tahini sauce is for you, broccoli stans!

Coca-Cola Poached Chicken Is an Instant Chinese-American ClassicChicken poached and glazed in an aromatic soy- and cola-based sauce. Don't use diet cola as the Aspartame does not like high temps.