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4 Ways To Build Trust & Drive Inclusivity By Realigning Your Marketing Budget

Here are 4 ways to build trust & drive inclusivity by realigning your marketing budget:

7/31/2021 10:29:00 AM

Here are 4 ways to build trust & drive inclusivity by realigning your marketing budget :

Inclusivity and trust are essential—but how do you bring them into your content marketing strategy?

B2B content marketers have said their audience views their brand as a credible and trusted source.Yet where some marketers have missed the ball is not recognizing that trust and inclusivity go hand in hand in today’s marketing world. Two business partnership coworkers analysis strategy with discussing a financial planning graph and company budget during a budget meeting in office room.

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gettyLet’s look at the research:38% of customers aremore likely to trust brandsthat show diversity in their advertising. 64% of customers were found to have taken some action after seeing an ad they considered to be diverse or inclusive, according to The Female Quotient.

71% of consumerssay they would be willing to spend more money to support products and services from a brand they trust. So, yes, inclusivity and trust are essential—but how do you bring them into your content marketing strategy? The answer isn’t just delivering top-notch marketing; it’s in how your company spends its marketing dollars. Let’s dive into four ways to realign your marketing budget to build trust while driving revenue.

Diversify your media spend  Your content marketing isn’t just about what you say; it’s where you’re saying it. AsByron Allen, the founder, chairman and CEO of Allen Media Group so poignantly pointed out in AdAge’s Black-owned media upfront earlier this year, “there isn’t a bank in the world we can deposit your words.”

Allen advised brands to allocate five to 15 percent of their media spend on Black-owned media. He also explained how it is key to include Black-owned media in your marketing spend in a way that’s sustainable, meaningful and long-term. Invest in diverse teams 

To make more of an impact with your content marketing, look at who is impacting your content. Research fromMcKinseyshows that the more diverse your team, the more they can anticipate shifts in customer’s needs and consumption patterns.This same advice applies to outsourcing. For example, rather than simply being mindful about using diverse stock photos, consider where you’re getting your photos from. Consider using sites like CreateHER, TONL or Nappy that are known for representative images.

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