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4 Things Easier Than Getting Trump's Tax Returns

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9/29/2020 3:35:00 AM

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From climbing Everest to finding the Holy Grail.

, and he was just a humble archaeology professor witha penchant for punching Nazis, though (spoiler alert) he wasn’t able to hold on to it in the end.If the Holy Grail is out there, modern technology and resources could make finding it easier than ever before — maybe even easier than getting Trump’s tax returns?

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Saving the planet from climate disasterThis one may sound like a real pipe dream to the most cynical among us, but making drastic interventions that could potentially save the planet from destruction brought on by climate change — like, for example, what

the Green New Deal sets out to do— might pale in comparison with the apparent challenge of obtaining Trump’s returns.There’s no doubt that it will be a Herculean effort to overhaul the economic and social systems necessary for effectively addressing climate change. Aside from the logistics of actually carrying out that effort, there’s a tricky political battle that needs to be won in order to even begin.

According toYale University’s Program on Climate Change Communication, polling shows that people are growing increasingly alarmed about climate change. Many fear that a race against the clock could be on, as politicians who want to take action wait for public opinion to sway toward support efforts to tackle the reality — all while things continue to worsen around the globe.

Can our political system effectively grapple with these challenges? Will public support for addressing climate change reach a critical mass that forces government action? I have to hope so, even though I’m not sure. But I also have to admit that even this far-off dream of people coming together to save the world somehow seems more plausible than Trump willingly showing the world his tax returns.

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Biden says he’ll 'transition' energy industry. Trump and surrogates say he’ll kill U.S. jobs.

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