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4 Style Tenets This Fashion 'Muse' Swears By

4 Style Tenets This Fashion 'Muse' Swears By

10/28/2021 8:17:00 PM

4 Style Tenets This Fashion 'Muse' Swears By

The LA-based dancer, actress, influencer, and global Pandora muse shares her tips for looking her best, and why she’ll never be without her style signatures.

Muse found herself drawn to anything creative from a young age.“My mom owned a boutique when I was growing up, so I had this amazing fashion education from four years old. All these Hollywood actors would come into her store and she would dress them in the coolest pieces,” Thompson remembers.

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“She would encourage me to choose my own outfits for school, letting me pick whatever unique combination I was drawn to. She taught me that fashion should be about experimenting and expressing who I am.”But like many of us, Thompson’s journey to feeling comfortable with her sense of style has been a long and winding one. Here, she shares the style secrets she lives by.

1. RELIABLE BASICS ARE THE FOUNDATION OF A WARDROBEPandoraI used to think I needed a million different T-shirts, dresses, pairs of shoes. Now I’ve realized a few essential pieces are all you need to create a great wardrobe. The secret is the accessories; it’s all about how you create a different moment by adding a belt, a bracelet, a purse, or some colorful sunglasses.

No wardrobe is complete without black, white, and grey T-shirts, a pair of classic blue denim boyfriend jeans, and a pair of comfortable yet fashionable sneakers. I love heels but I’ll always be a sucker for sneakers!2. STYLE SHOULD BE ALL ABOUT LETTING YOUR PERSONALITY SHINE THROUGH

PandoraPandora Momentscollection. With so many charms to choose from, the collection really encourages me to express what makes me so unique.I grew up dancing, so my Pandora dancing queen charm holds such a special place in my heart. I’ve just recently started singing, so I wanted to get a microphone charm that would always remind me of what an exciting moment this is in my life. I’m also such a family-orientated person, so my

family tree charmis really important to me.What I like most about the Pandora charm collection is that it can be worn in so many ways. Of course, I love stacking up my bracelet with charms — but I’ve also been experimenting with adding them to my belt, to my earrings, to my keys. It’s such an easy way to have fun with fashion.

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