4 NYPD commanding officers reassigned over how protesters were handled

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Four NYPD commanding officers in Brooklyn have been reassigned due to their handling of protesters during the first days of the George Floyd protests in NYC, an official says

As protests continue around the US, here's a look at where curfews stand in major cities around the country:A mandatory curfew was lifted Saturday by Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms after more than a week of a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew.Mayor Brown said the plan is for the curfew to remain in place until 5 a.m. Monday but the city will monitor and adjust if needed.A curfew remains in place between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued the curfew on May 30.

The city wide curfew expired at 5 a.m. Friday and was not extended, a tweet from Mayor Michael Hancock said.A curfew for the city was lifted by Mayor Eric Garcetti effective Thursday.A curfew was put in place for Miami-Dade County by Mayor Carlos Gimenez earlier in the week and was pushed earlier to 8 p.m. from 10 p.m. due to unrest in Miami Beach Friday.Curfew was lifted by Gov. Tim Walz effective Friday after more than a week of protests.


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You want to know why we hate cops? Because you don't get fired you get reassigned. The worst officers ever to be on the job are merely moved around and shuffled what they get in trouble. Even nurses have a National Registry and if they get flagged they can't work anywhere.

& police chief retires today because of the Dem run city officials.

I get it, but NYC shouldn’t be the specific focus on my TL Twitter

JanComputer Quit. You are not appreciated. Why risk your life?

Go to study. Stand on your feet. And don't blame the whole world and me and whites and police for your failure. Where is no crime, police is not coming. So, fight black criminals in black ghettos not to be ghettos anymore.


Reassigned That’s like asking kids to switch desks for being disruptive in class so they can be disruptive in another seat. FIRE THOSE OFFICERS. NYGovCuomo

Support police , love TRUMP ❤️👍

Well when they have to handle a bunch of hoodlums they got to use force. I didn't see any protesters all I saw was rioters f*** them.

CNN is not only fake it’s ANTIFA as well. You are nothing but a terrorist news organization, CNN. I hope you all go to hell

Sucks to be held accountable for once, eh?

Reassigned? Why does that not bring a sense of safety 🤨

Reassigned? How about FIRING THEM?!?!?!

What about the officer who was stabbed? cnn

So, kinda like the church reassigned priests who molest children.


How did they get to be commanding officers in the first place

Reassigned to desk duty’s I hope. Obviously they’re unable to handle themselves in high pressure situations.

Here is the difference between cops and protestors. Most of the protests have been peaceful and when someone goes against that no matter their color other protestors condemn them and often stop them. When cops assault people other cops applaud them and defend them.

You' re fired

Fire them!!!

Good thing this isn't a reaction move! Bill D you are a clown and it is time to go.

For how long?

Why is it that you didn't include Mr. Manuel Ellis in your tribute to those who have been killed (Homicide) by Police. You did the story finally, It seems Washington State doesn't matter anymore.

Why not FIRED?

Even Cuomo knew these are not the cops doing their jobs. Actually they are traumatized individuals who need reassignment

Andrew Cuomo 47th president of United state

Demonstrations = taken world backwards 50 years. GF= yes Police wrong. (There Are many great police) Just finished international meeting confirmed that the whole company will NOT employ any BLACK candidates born after 1992. Everyone else we will welcome you.ALL lives matter.

skibbers2 Not good enough, should no longer be employed

Hows Las Vegas police officer Shay Mikalonis doing after being shot in the head during the protests? I cant seem to find anything on your website, can you tell me what headline the article is under?

Well either they did as ordered or enforced the law, scapegoats for a failed mayor and a failed Police Commissioner

Reassigned to where, to do what? If it’s not to a desk job where they have no contact with people, then it’s not good enough.

WHAT IS THE TRUE INTENT OF THE 13TH AMENDMENT; ARE 'WE' TRULY FREE; WHY DOES THE EXCEPTION EXIST: 'Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, . . .

They should all quit and let the communist mayor handle it. But why would you expect anything less from a democrat when the mayors own daughter is out throwing things at police!

You asked a question of why they’re still police officers being violent towards protesters do you know the answer to that question it’s Trump saying it needs to be said and you know it

Just the tip of the iceberg of the reform needed.

Being a police officer is such a tough job. We need to support the good ones!

Ain't nothing change but the year


Reassigned for gassing and beating their own citizens that they're supposed to protect.... punishment doesn't fit the crime a harsher punishment needed for issuing such an order

Time to buy more guns

Need to be reassigned to another profession. as in fired

Let virus prevail, idiots

WWIII, battling field:USA US President Vs. CCP+Virus+Antifa+Fentanyl+CNN+Hollywood+Silicon Valley+Universities+The Great Wall St. +The Great Firewall+Ignorant street Hypocrites+DPRK+Iran+Germany+Fran…

Protesters or Antifa Rioters?

It's funny how the 'progressive' assumption here is that they were moved for mistreatment of protesters. Reading the tweets from New York in the aftermath, the vast majority thought that the police weren't decisive and assertive enough. Too rough ? or should be more tough ?

Are we as a nation ever gonna get tired of unaccountable police commanders getting reassigned and their brutish minions getting suspended WITH PAY or getting Desk Duty after multiple well-documented accusations against them?

How about fire them.

Re-assigned? Do they still deal with humans? They should have a back room filing job

'suspended', 'under investigation', 'reassigned'. MF they might invent a new word next time

Fire the cops and their unions

Great now theyll be someone elses problem, we have got to stop this game of whackamole, eliminate police unions. Time for serious reform

Niggers vs. The Police

If the police department really wants to keep them I'd at least give them a 6 month course re-educating them. Conflict management, de-esculation methodes and last but certainly not least: lessons in reconizing and handeling racism . Just thinking out loud.....🤔

Reassigned is BS.

We need to march and demand laws that address this very issue with police unions!

I wouldn’t trust them to stock shelves at Costco

blacklivesmatter GeorgeFloyd PoliceThePolice voteouttheelite voteouthate We have to start at the top. Vote to make real change. The Elite aren't going to change anything... Federal, State, Local..

Can't resassign the mayor, huh ? Or the governor either, huh ? Maybe criminal indictments could get em outta office ...

Reassigned? So they can go inflict pain elsewhere? Sounds about right.

Reassigned? Fucking joke.

'Reassigned.' The problem in one word.

Reassigned ..... things will never change.

So youre just shuffling the problem from one place to another? How exactly is that supposed to fix anything?

Caption needs to say “moved the problem”. nypd Makes no damn sense!

Assign soldiers like him...then only there can be a peaceful protest if u r assigning people against whom this whole protest is carried out they gonna use there full force to suppress this movement...be logical America as BlackLivesMatter and PoliceBrutality must end.

Not good enough.

Slap on the wrist. Is more coming?

MsMariaT Fire them

Is nbcbrooklyn99 Captain holt one of them?

After seeing the reaction from police officers outside the preliminary hearing in Buffalo NY (clapping) where two officers charged in an incident caught on tape using excessive force - the idea that they're endorsing such behavior is disturbing.

I'm sure if everyone of you were in their situation with all those crazy a** people in your face you would be calm and cool. I applaud them for not doing more than they did!!!

Reassigned needs to mean fired no more bs!

GovHowardDean Only reassigned?

Take away the narcan from police! Why would anyone sign up for that job! I support our men in blue

Just tell the police all to stay home and lets see how that works for a few days.

So Just like priests, they move them around just to commit the same crimes at a different location.


So now they do the same somewhere else? They need to be relieved of command.

the police do a difficult job yes but that can not excuse brutality to any person black,white asian

Just tie their hands behind their backs and let the rioters and looters have at it! That will make the protesters happy!

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