4 New Latin Songs for Mental Health Month

As #MentalHealthAwareness month comes to an end, check out four new singles about self-worth, tolerance, and keeping positive below.

5/28/2020 11:40:00 PM

As MentalHealthAwareness month comes to an end, check out four new singles about self-worth, tolerance, and keeping positive below.

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end, check out four new Latin songs about self-worth, tolerance, and keeping positive on Billboard.

“Estamos Bien.”As the Mental Health Awareness month comes to an end, check out four new singles about self-worth, tolerance, and keeping positive below.Emilia - “No Mas”Earlier this year, Argentine songstress Emilia Mernes dropped"No Más" (No More), a pop-urban song about overcoming a toxic relationship and finding your self-worth."I know you want to come back / I'm not the same as yesterday / Who you could mess with / I do not want more of what you give / Stay with your fake life," the Argentine songstress kicks off the lyrics.

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Onell Diaz & Jay Wheeler - “Tienes Tanta Vida”Emerging urban artists Onell Diaz and Jay Wheeler teamed up for"Tienes Tanta Vida," an urban ballad about facing life's challenges."Tell me what happened to you? / You're not like this / You have so much life / You can't give up," says the motivating chorus. The powerful music video tells the story of a young lady who overcomes a previous abusive relationship by keeping her faith alive.

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Prince William Makes Guest Appearance On Virtual Church Service To Discuss Mental Health'It's OK to not feel OK,' the Duke of Cambridge said in a message to encourage people to care for their mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. He should be quiet, what does that mean even? 🙄

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