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4 Exciting New Workout Features Coming to Apple Fitness+ Very Soon

Ready for some new workouts?

9/25/2021 12:50:00 PM

Ready for some new workouts?

Meditation , Pilates , group workouts, and more.

of other major streaming platforms, Fitness+ will soon offer both classical and contemporary Pilates classes starting September 27. And, as with other Fitness+ workouts, other members of the training team will be in the background offering modification options.

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Most of the Pilates workouts on Apple Fitness+ will only require a mat, but others will also involve the use of resistance bands. Classes will range in length from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.Virtual group classesgroup fitness classesduring the pandemic, this innovative new feature is for you. Group Workouts will allow you to take Fitness+ streaming classes at the same time as your friends and give you fun, encouraging ways to interact with them during the workout. To start a class with friends, you'll navigate from a group message thread or FaceTime call to the Fitness+ app and start a workout, which will give you the option to invite the others to the same class.

During the workout, you'll be able to see your friends' faces and talk to them via picture-in-picture. You'll also be able to see their progress on the “burn bar,” which estimates how intensely you're working, and when they close their activity rings (but everyone's individual metrics will stay private to them). The Group Workouts feature, coming later in the fall with the new SharePlay update, will support up to 32 people at once.

Snow-season workoutsFor most of us, skiing and snowboarding are activities we only get to take part in a few times a year. So, to help you get the most out of those precious few days even in the off-season, Apple Fitness+ is introducing Workouts to Get Ready for Snow Season on September 27.

The classes are led by champion alpine skier and two-time Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety alongsidesnowboarderand Fitness+ trainer Anja Garcia. Each workout is designed to help you prep for those snow sports you know and love before you actually hit the slopes. They're geared toward improving balance, strength, and endurance in an effort to ramp up your performance while also preventing injury.

Guided meditationstotal beginneror longtime meditation fan, the new Fitness+ guided Meditation feature will offer a way to get a little bit of calm in your day, starting September 27. Led by a group of yoga and cooldown trainers already on the app as well as some newcomers, the meditation sessions will each focus on one of several themes, such as focus, creativity, gratitude, or resilience. You can even filter by theme to find a meditation that will resonate with you that day.

Unlike most other, these classes have both audioandvideo components. Although many people meditate with their eyes closed, Apple found during testing that some people—especially those who are new to meditation—prefer to be able to see their instructor, particularly during the introduction and closing moments of the class. You'll also have the opportunity to perform moving meditations—on a walk or bike ride in the park, for instance—using just the audio with the Apple Watch.

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