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36 Hours in Oxford

Scholarly strolls and boozy cruises in the ultimate British college town.


Scholarly strolls and boozy cruises in Oxford , the ultimate British college town

Scholarly strolls and boozy cruises in the ultimate British college town.

At the boathouse under Magdalen Bridge, visitors can rent a punt, a wooden raft perfectly suited for Oxford’s more tranquil waterways.

under Magdalen Bridge, where you can rent a punt, a wooden raft perfectly suited for the city’s more tranquil waterways (£22, or about $28, per hour; up to five people per punt). Buy a round of Pimm’s (£4 each) — a classic English summer drink, boozy and fruity and fresh — at the stand next to the boat launch. Then laze your way down the quiet waters along Christ Church Meadow, and do your best not to fall in.

Find a seat among the young professionals perched along the sleek metal bar and ask the staff for their recommendations from the short-but-sublime menu of small Spanish savory dishes. For dessert, order a slice of the tender-sweet almond cake, the Santiago tart (£5). Dinner with a glass of wine, about £20.

(entry to the tower, £4) for the classic view of the city’s “dreaming spires,” then set off on a walking tour of the heart of Oxford academia. Admire the stately facade of the Radcliffe Camera; gaze up at the spectacular painted ceiling of the

, where rotating (and free) exhibitions highlight modern and ancient treasures from the university’s immense collection.

, which has been slaking Oxford’s unending thirst for books since 1879. It’s easy to spend an hour or more exploring the store’s three levels, including the rare books section on the top floor.

There can’t be many places in the world where you can enjoy an organic, locally sourced lunch in a room that’s nearly 700 years old, but Oxford is certainly one. The line at

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Whenever I return to Oxford, I always feel fortunate to live here. Close to London but far enough away to be immersed in lovely countryside and lucky to be have places of historical interest all on our doorstep. heloo You should mention how OxfordCity have raised rents in the covered market forcing retailers to clise. Also the huge rise in homeless visible in the city, the tents in the High Street etc - Council happy to get fat on the tourist cash, just won’t spend it on the city’s citizens.


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