35 Oscar-Winning Films That Don't Deserve Their Academy Awards

Did anyone ever actually like Avatar?

1/26/2022 8:00:00 AM

Did anyone ever actually like Avatar?

Did anyone ever actually like Avatar?

Warner Bros. Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection"I dislike a lot of Sandra Bullock's films, but this one takes the cake. it's not even a movie. It's like one scene. And sooooooo far off from reality it's not even close to plausible."

—dannyh42f90bcf3"[I] watched it in cinema with my mom and just waited for something to actually happen. Characters had no depth, I had zero emotional investment in them and the plot can be summed up in like a sentence, which usually means you should write a book for toddler, not a supposedly dark movie for adults. My mom kept insisting that it had such pretty images in it of space. My response? If you focused so much at the aesthetics, plot must've really sucked, and I find it works as a rule of thumb."

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Avatar was mainly to sell blu-ray players and 3D TVs.

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