30 simple Thanksgiving sides that will steal the show

30 simple Thanksgiving sides that will steal the show

10/15/2021 10:14:00 PM

30 simple Thanksgiving sides that will steal the show

These easy side dishes will help make Thanksgiving Day a little less stressful.

Ryan ScottOnce you try this recipe, it will be a repeat side dish at Thanksgiving forever. Don't skip the roasting of the pumpkin puree: This important step removes excess liquid and intensifies the flavor for a beautiful combo of salt and a little sweet.

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Nathan Congleton/TODAYCrispy Sweet Potato BakeRachel HollisWe love this recipe because it involves just three ingredients and is so simple to prepare but still looks fancy.Jeremy ScheckInternet-Famous Crispy PotatoesJeremy ScheckThese potatoes amassed almost 20 million views between the two times Jeremy Scheck posted them on TikTok. So, in addition to being absolutely crisped and delicious, they've totally earned their spot on the holiday table.

Courtesy Krisen KishCreamy Mashed PotatoesKristen KishSometimes, nothing quite beats a silky, creamy mashed potato to smother each bite of turkey and gravy. Cooking the potatoes in stock gives them a greater depth of flavor and the cream cheese makes them incredibly creamy and rich. These potatoes don't need to be completely smooth — a rustic-style mash is great!

Super Potato PieAndrew CarmelliniThis recipe takes mashed potatoes and turns up the flavor and texture to the max! A classic fluffy mash gets amplified with the crunch and tang of salt and vinegar chips. There's not a person on Earth who won't like it.

Nathan Congleton / TODAYSiri Daly's Smashed PotatoesSiri Daly"I love any recipe that's easy to make in bulk, but even easier for your guests to individually grab for their plate, and these potatoes are just that," said Siri about these simple smashed potatoes."They are a cross between a baked potato and a French fry, with a ton of flavor and an incredible crunch. My neighbor Jen has made them famous in our area and they are a hit every single time!

Nathan Congleton / TODAYPerfect Roasted Sweet PotatoesElena Besser Read more: »

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Adele Releases First Single from 30, 'Easy on Me'Grab your tissues: Adele has released her first single from '30,' 'Easy on Me':

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Adele Releases 'Easy on Me,' First Single From Upcoming '30' AlbumThis is not a drill — Adele has released the first song from her upcoming album 30. EasyOnMe

Adele says her new album, '30,' is being released Nov. 19NEW YORK (AP) — Six years after her last album, Adele revealed Wednesday that her new project, “30,” will be released on Nov. 19. An initial single, “Easy on Me,” is coming out on Friday. The British singer, who was divorced in 2019, said in a lengthy Instagram post that after “throwing myself into a maze of absolute mess and inner turmoil,” she's feeling better. I'll wait for Ozzy's, thanks though . Se esta sacando años GusCasals Hello was a look at how warped women are. Because she's the one who cheated and he dipped out. And then years later you write a song about it because you still wonder about him that is fucking obsessive mental illness at its best... Hopefully she got on some kind of mental meds