30 Bridal Shower Gifts That Don't All Have 'Mrs.' All Over Them

She can never have too many bath bombs.

5/10/2021 7:20:00 AM

30 Bridal Shower Gifts That Don't All Have 'Mrs.' All Over Them

She can never have too many bath bombs.

Feb 28, 2020CourtesyIs your BFF/sister/college roommate you have barely spoken to in years ready to say"I do"? It's time to make it all about her. The bridal party is right around the corner, so consider this a friendly reminder to know your bride: Not

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everygift needs to be wedding-related, but we all know someone who would love the word"Mrs." stamped across a refrigerator. We rounded up 30 useful, sweet, and funny gifts—including a makeup kit ELLE.com's own beauty director and bride-to-be is most excited about—for easy shopping ahead.

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