3 ways to stop childcare industry's labor shortage

3 ways to fix the vicious cycle that's disrupting childcare and making the labor shortage worse

10/24/2021 2:16:00 PM

3 ways to fix the vicious cycle that's disrupting childcare and making the labor shortage worse

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A lead preschool teacher in Ohio loves their job, but just applied to work at a call center.That's because the new job would pay $16 an hour, $3 more than they currently make. "I can't really say no to that," said the worker, who, like others in this story requested anonomynity because they are in the process of looking for new jobs. It's just one of the problems that the childcare industry faces amidst high turnover and staffing challenges.

In September, US childcare companieshired17,800 new workers. That's good news for those parents who want to re-enter the labor force, but employment is still down 10% from before the pandemic as the sector and the overall economy continues to recover. Like many industries, childcare is currently facing a

, shrinking the spots available for children and leaving parents unable to return to work. Childcare — or lack thereof —"significantly" exacerbates labor shortages, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo toldInsider. With workers leaving the industry in droves, that could spell trouble for economic recovery as the number of available spots shrinks further. headtopics.com

Politicians across the board are recognizing the lack of childcare as a problem. At least one Republican believes that childcare is a driver of labor shortages. Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah)that labor crunches are due in part to difficulty finding childcare. 

Here's what childcare workers say could help fix the industry. Read more: Business Insider »

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