3 Uncommon Ways to Cope When Life Gets Tough

Unusual ways to feel better when you're feeling extreme stress.

7/27/2021 5:42:00 AM

Do you sometimes find it hard to navigate stress and exhaustion? Try these helpful suggestions from DrAliceBoyes

Unusual ways to feel better when you're feeling extreme stress.

Psychology Today, you've probably heard a lot of the standard advice for coping with this type of stress. Here are a few ideas you may not have heard.1. Stretch your time perspective.This tip won't suit everyone's coping style, but it works for me and might work for you too. What feels really tough today isn't compared to some of what our fellow Earth-dwellers have faced historically. When I'm stressed, it doesn't help me at all to reflect on recent tragedies, like wars. However, it does help me feel better if I go right back to the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, and early humans migrating out around the world from Africa.

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Anything that stretches your time perspective can help the stress you're experiencing now feel less intense.There's a chance that thinking about morestressfulsituations might leave you feeling worse, so this is a tip you'll need to try for yourself and see what impact it has on you. And, remember, I said there's a lot of nuance in what exactly might help. If I were to watch material about the Holocaust or modern famines when I already felt bad, it would make me feel worse. Yet, it helps me to watch videos about the history of the earth/universe and evolution. Find what helps you.

The effect of stretching your time perspective is quite different from merely reflecting on how other people have it worse than you, which often isn't helpful.2. Don't leave little to-dos to the last minute.Some of people's natural coping when they're feeling crushed ends up generating further stress. Most people headtopics.com

become avoidant and procrastinatewhen they're down. Perhaps you leave a task until the due date, assuming it'll go smoothly, and then it doesn't. If you had a few days to figure out the snafu, it wouldn't be stressful, but because you've left it, it is. For example, you attempt to pay a bill at 5 p.m. on the due date, but the company's website glitches, when it never has before. Or, it's the last day to submit an application and you realize you're missing a piece of information you need.

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DrAliceBoyes 4. Sit with yourself, reflect on your past! DrAliceBoyes I like the yoga/meditation idea, but my ADD, (the medication can only do so much 😉), would have me going from Italy to New Zealand, to Catalina Island California and then...ooh! Puppies! 🤭 At least those would be nice thoughts tho 😊

DrAliceBoyes Amazing, thanks😉. I do some slow deep breathing. And it is also very effective DrAliceBoyes Number 1 rule rule for navigating through stress and exhaustion……cut people out of your life who cause unnecessary stress. Life is tough enough you don’t need someone else’s BS.

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