3 Myths About Chronic Illness and Resilience

You're probably more resilient than you think.

6/15/2021 10:22:00 PM

Why it's important to counter these 3 common myths about people with chronic illness or pain

You're probably more resilient than you think.

Myths of Resiliencecharacter traitthat one either has or lacks.Not so. Resilience is not a fixed personal attribute (Kralik, van Loon, & Visentin, 2006). Rather, it ebbs and flows in various circumstances and over time. To be resilient — to adapt to adversity — can feel doable in some situations and out-of-reach in others. That’s normal. To feel broken, at the end of the line, unable to cope does not mean that you are lacking resilience. Rather, it means that your resilience has become depleted at this particular time.

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With chronic illness, we can learn to predict the situations that will deplete resilience. It’s worth thinking through what those circumstances are for you. For many of us, extreme pain is an experience that dramatically depletes resilience. Knowing this, it’s important to have a plan in place to treat it when it arises. If you’re identifying depleting situations and planning for how you will manage them, then you are exhibiting resilience.

Myth #2: Resilience is the responsibility of each individual.If you’re not resilient, there’s something the matter with you. Wrong. Resilience is a process that is supported within a social context (Kralik, van Loon, & Visentin, 2006). If you live with chronic illness and feel exhausted, depressed and fragile, you may experience self-judgment. If only you were tougher, braver, more positive... to which I reply: How can we help you? How can your family help you? How can your workplace help you? How can your friends help you? How can social policy help you? And how can I as your therapist help you? headtopics.com

People develop resilience in the context of social connectedness — first inrelationships with caregivers and then in relationships with the wider world. Resilience is compromised when our needs are not being met. If you’re feeling vulnerable, please recognize that you can strengthen resilience by reaching out for help.

THE BASICSFind a therapist near meMyth #3: Resilient people are in a good emotional state.Not necessarily (Kralik, van Loon, & Visentin, 2006). Resilience is extraordinarily helpful: It helps us survive what feels unbearable. But to be resilient does not mean that we don’t have feelings about what we’re going through. We can be resilient and fragile at the same time. Sometimes people living with chronic illness can feel unseen due to their resilience. Family, friends, colleagues, and even physicians in charge of their care fail to see the vulnerable feelings that sit alongside the resilience. As one of my clients stated, “I don’t want pity from people, but I do want them to recognize how hard this is.”

If you’re living with chronic illness, find ways to identify, cultivate and protect your resilience. Understand that it will ebb and flow. Understand that you require connections with others to keep resilience alive. And understand that resilience co-exists with vulnerability.

Reflecting on Your Own ResilienceAs you think about your own experiences, reflect upon the following questions: Read more: Psychology Today »

This kind of deceptive marketing should be illegal, and prior to 1998 it was. The strong do not always survive. Survival is not of the fittest... but often only of WHAT IS LEFT....and that was just due to SHEER, DUMB, LUCK!!! A guy was young strong and healthy. Got Covid19. Horribly sick, and dies in days... no defense against the attack and breaking down, he suffocates, etc. No resistance... no resiliency... no matter what help he had... Many of your notions about resiliency are a MYTH too.

The opposing force to resiliency... is BREAKDOWN... something is breaking down, our resiliency starts to counter that... even so... it can be overrun, overpowered, overwhelmed and overcome...and a person succumbs... REGARDLESS OF HOW STRONG THEY FOUGHT BACK... COVID-19.... Resiliency only goes so far... Friend had a foot infection, eventually got to her heart, in hospital, then hospice, with family and healthcare... she died... where was her resiliency? Resiliency is often just a stop-gap between decline and death. I observe.

Resiliency only goes so far... or people could fully recover. They don't always. A friend is in a 'memory care' facility. Yes, she is alive...but any resiliency is failing... she has all the help and family behind her... but it is all downhill. Take it from a guy with PTSD and chronic illnesses and maladies who NONE OF HIS FAMILY OR FRIENDS OR DOCTORS GAVE A SHIT ABOUT!!!! I must know what I am talking about...I am still here... But I agree, it is important to dispel the myths...

Myth 3 is true. But many times people tell themselves things they THINK will help them in their delirium... The rest of the article is... 'WHERE FEASABLE'... maintaining may SEEM like resilience... but it is just desperately doing what it takes. Myth 1 is sort of true. Tougher minded people seem to do better. Not that they always get well. Myth 2 is actually TRUE... I ended up ALONE, and had to do it myself...before the technique, I WAS SUCCUMBING, and I had NO RESILIENCY... even with the body eventually healing.

That was his resiliency at work. Heart failure killed him. No resiliency. No recovery. Regardless of 'planning' and 'management'... that is NOT resiliency. Its a STOP-GAP. Managing your death is NOT resiliency. Facing it with grace and dignity is NOT resiliency. RESILIENCY is the RESISTANCE in overcoming the illness. Brave or not. It is the BODY'S ability to recover. After an infection my 89 year old father took 10 months to recover at best.

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Resilience is not absolute... as it only goes so far....many times, people don't recover, or they make no progress with the disease, illness, or pain. Maintaining a level within a chronic illness takes up energy. My podcast: Resilience may be a MYTH... as it only goes so far....many times, people don't recover, or they make no progress with the disease, illness, or pain. My podcast:

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