3 Million Hong Kong Residents Could Be Offered U.K. Citizenship Amid China Standoff

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain is considering providing a route to British citizenship for nearly three million Hong Kong residents, as the U.K. escalates a standoff with China

LONDON—U.K. over its decision to impose a stringent security law on the former British colony.

The Chinese legislature passed a resolution to introduce a security law in Hong Kong that mirrors how mainland Chinese agencies police activities that challenge Communist Party rule. The decision to bypass Hong Kong’s legislature has been heavily...


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Don’t pay lip service to the policy like the Brexit, which lasts donkey years. Please act immediately. Mainland China and many protestors in HK look forward to seeing it ASAP.

Thank god, pls move to UK asap. All they want is UK welfare, these group of people won't be loyal to any land. Thank you boris for solving the problem.

This may also be a money maker for the UK Government, like in 1987 when Hong Kong was returned to China, I remember lots of wealthy people buying, UK, USA, Canadian and Australian passports for hard money. Some sold for more than US$250,000.

YES!!!!! Don't lie now!

Please,take all of them out of China

Thanks Boris, you finally bring the thugs and rioters back to UK.

Having colonized Hong Kong for 100 years, Britain owes everyone in Hong Kong citizenship if not reparation.

The UK is a signatory of the Sino-British Joint Declaration afterall so I think it's great that UK is doing something for HK when China now breaches the treaty (ofc what exactly the UK should do is up to discussion)

.... In addition a consulate services would be both diplomatically and legally an assistance in case of need as well security structures around for citizens and their families like living or having businesses in Iraq

well, bravo for brexit 🤣

Good move.

China welcomes Boris' proposal. Please get those three million to Britain as quickly as possible. No pre conditions attached please.


🇺🇸🇺🇸 Only acts count 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

Bravo PM! Thank you for your leadership and compassion

Thank you Boris.

The problem with any East Asian cultures is that they have very strong ties with their families in their native countries. Even after several generations, their ties are still strong. That can be a problem unless they abandon their culture n values. Assimilate or leave UK.

Which is a right decision to make while 99% might not live in U.K for a long time for been professionals finding jobs or can work in locations worldwide! Seeking the refugee status or directly citizenship programs with timeframe is due to unfair treatment of residence gov't!

He can take them all

Ukip will love that

In Britain and America Freedom and Liberty aren't only words but meaning

Empty promise, No actual action, Only the media is happiest and can hype the news

Good, let's go to UK!!!

So the UK is choosing a side now. US or China. Death on both sides .🤦‍♂️⁩⁦🤠

I’m honestly curious how this would actually play out. Will Johnson keep his words if the security law were enforced by CN? How will the PM persuade the House and especially the Brexiters at home? 3 million is a large population, larger than most British towns…

Apparently a sensible strategic move on the part of 10DowningStreet BorisJohnson

Communist China is worst than a virus


People Protesting in HK always had dupliticious character. They were not loyal to China. They do not consider Taiwan as part of China. They do not consider Tibet as part of China. HongKong

Could someone tell me the logic of that providing near 3 million HK residents a route becoming UK citizens is a punishment to China? To me, it's more than welcome more western countries can do the same, so HK rioters can leave. Then HK will be more prosperous w/o rioters.


Dont expect the US to Join. Trump loves sucking the cock of China

Britain continues to unrealistically overestimate its position in the world, they are the old barking dogs, i mean USA's lapdogs🤣🤣🤣

I bet UK wants Hong Kong to be its colony. Hey Boris: I am Cracking up 😆


What a stupid idea. Who cares about Hong Kong 🇭🇰? I don’t care 🤷‍♀️.

Tis should have happened over 20 years ago...

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