3 killed in suspected Houthi drone attack in Abu Dhabi

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Middleeast, Abu Dhabi: Suspected Houthi Drone Attack Kills 3 - Cnn

1/17/2022 2:17:00 PM

Suspected drone attack by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels near Abu Dhabi airport results in multiple explosions and at least three deaths

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UAE and Saudi in collaboration with US, Britian, and europe held yemen hostage since last 4 years and no one spoke. BRITIAN AND EUROPE HAS BEEN PROVIDING ARMS AND AMMUNITION to Saudi and UAE to kill and starve a Sovereign nation. Yemenis have the right to defend themselves. قاسم_سليماني Iranian-backed!? Why when emirate attack yemen you do not mention that it is a US-backed attacks?

Sorry, suckers! US can’t help you anymore…POTUS gave up our military presence in the region! 😮😮 ThanksDonald We had a treaty. جرائم تحالف العدوان السعودي والاماراتي على اليمن بشعه وجرائم حرب قتلوا ٤٠ الف يمني مدني بقصف طائرتهم وصواريخهم المصنعه أمريكيا ..امريكا تمنح تحالف السعوديه والإمارات الغطاء السياسي والإعلامي من أجل استمرار صفقات السلاح..يحاصرون ويقتلون شعب اليمن اين الضمير العالمي من قتل أطفالنا

مليونية17يانير TheHangerGamesSudan Jan17Coup مليونية17يناير butchersGeneralsofblood aftaburhan GeneralDagllo Sudanese_lives_matter AssassinGenerals But was is it an Iranian drone? Why the hell do you people love to spread partial truths? Like FoxNews! I support there being a GOP, but that doesn’t mean I support them being pro-mafia, Russian and American, like they are! Like you “won’t“ report!

How come we don’t hear or read anything from CNN when Yemen is the victim?

Yemen Houthis claim attack on Abu DhabiThe spokesman of Yemen's Houthi rebels said the group launched a military operation 'deep in the UAE' and would announce details in the coming hours.

I am sure that will be dealt with swiftly and violently ! Not camp out in the desert 20 yrs like America… Must note that UAE is entirely owned by the Nuhayan Klan but CNN is either not aware or misleading. Also these are Yemeni children attacked by forgein-backed UAE. Thanks CNN for your impartial coverage. MLKDay

U.A.E is bombing and destroying Yemen and killing thousands of civilians since 2015 . Now its time for revenge they got what they gave... Never saw a teeet from BBC saying 'US backed ISIS'. Why? Prayer for all blind people. I use 2 hen to pull them out from isi agwu; feminine spiritual glasses blindness. I also use 1 black sheep, 1 🐓rooster & seven uncooked eggs to take away isi mmuo; spirit blindness. Be healed. As above so below. Smib.

And Saudi-led coalition❓️ That’s one outcome of Biden admin lifting the houthis from its terror list davidmdraiman Will it never end? Why do we insist in destruction of others? What is is actually doing for any of us but creating another war? The Western imperialism backed UAE regime, AKA Pirate Coast, is finished.

UAE says it suspects fuel trucks hit by drones, Yemeni Houthis claim attackThree fuel trucks exploded and a fire broke out near Abu Dhabi airport on Monday in what Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi group said was an attack deep inside the United Arab Emirates. Finally The chickens have come home to roost!! TigrayGenocide TigrayFamine

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Never happen againt UEA must take active action my pray to those victims Prayer to still & calm Tsunami not to happen in U.S.A after Tsunami in tonga. I summon & pay homage to okuku arobunagu, okuku dibia, okuku ndi mmiri, okuku leader & King okuku. Calm, still & help USA not to experience Tsunami. As above so below. Smib.

CNNisFakenews CNNisFakenews Christ can we just get through covid before you start bombing our asses Whoah

Yemen's Houthis Claim Suspected Drone Attack on UAE TankersYemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed an attack in Abu Dhabi that caused fires and resulted in three fuel tanker explosions near state oil firm ADNOC’s storage facilities. A great leader would cancel the central bank and tell all the citizens and corporations to stack as much Bitcoin It would b the strongest nation on earth All. Thanks to MarcoRibeirof for making my bitcoin dream come through! I have added massively to my holdings Follow him How do I go viral so that I can sell my book to only a few people in a pool of 290 million? This small story is just so I can raise some funds to ease up some crazy life sucking mess. How hard is it to find few people who genuinely can help, Check out my pinned tweet to help😇

I strongly condemns these kind of attack Portanto eu trarei sobre os humanos um duro tratamento,Trarei sobre eles o que eles mais temem.Porquanto Eu chamei,e ninguém sequer esboçou resposta ; preguei e ninguém deu ouvidos.Praticaram o mal diante da minha pessoa e escolheram fazer tudo quanto me desagrada profundamente!”

Wishing for speedy recovery of All injured Watch it here

Yemen Houthis claim attack on Abu DhabiThe spokesman of Yemen's Houthi rebels said the group launched a military operation 'deep in the UAE' and would announce details in the coming hours.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE (CNN)A suspected Houthi drone attack near Abu Dhabi airport killed at least three people and sparked multiple explosions in the United Arab Emirates' capital on Monday. An Abu Dhabi police statement said three tanker trucks carrying fuel exploded in the emirate's Mussafah area after catching fire, with preliminary investigations pointing to a drone attack. At least three people were killed and six injured, according to state news agency WAM. Yemen's Iranian-backed Houthi rebels said they would soon make a statement about"a special military operation that was carried out in the heart of the UAE," the Houthi-owned Al Masirah TV channel said Monday. "Abu Dhabi police confirmed that a fire broke out this morning, which led to the explosion of three petroleum tankers in ICAD 3, Mussafah, near ADNOC's storage tanks," a statement said on WAM."A minor fire also broke out in the new construction area of Abu Dhabi International Airport." A CNN journalist heard two explosions with a black plume of smoke rising from the direction of the airport.Read MoreThe UAE has been part of a Saudi-led military campaign against the Houthi rebels in Yemen since 2015. This is a developing story.