3 dead, 9 hurt in Long Beach shooting

3 dead and 9 hurt in Long Beach shooting


3 dead and 9 hurt in Long Beach shooting

The shooting happened at or near a residence shortly before 11 p.m. The fire department said three adult males are deceased.

The Long Beach Fire Department said that firefighters responded to the shooting at Seventh Street near Temple Avenue around 10:45 p.m. When firefighters and paramedics arrived to “a scene obviously full of chaos,” fire public information officer Jake Heflin said, according to video

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More people killed in Chicago today than this. Detroit was close as was NJ. NEVER A WORD? Oh yea this is mostly black on black killings so SSH!!! I don't understand why the us government likes to tell other countries what to do when things are not done well at home. Why does the American often have a shooting kill😓

Just never gonna stop until people actually wake up and demand NO MORE GUNS! ANOTHER GUN VIOLENCE.. GOP don't care about AMERICANS dying by the thousands. All they care about is getting their FUNDING FROM THE CORRUPT NRA!! The normal definition of a mass shooting is 4 or more deaths. May those who lost their lives 💔💔💔 Rest in the sweetest peace🙏 May those who were injured make full & miraculous recoveries 🙏🙏🙏Amen

No! Was it by one of those scary looking rifles? I thought California is a fun free Zone? How many shot and killed in Chicago this week?

Multiple people shot at Long Beach homeMultiple people were shot Tuesday night at a home in Long Beach, prompting a massive police presence. Follow LATvives for the latest LATvives Guns need to be controlled LATvives Three people were killed and nine were hurt Tuesday night during a mass shooting at a home in Long Beach. The LBFD said officials were called to the home at around 10:44 p.m. and came across what authorities described as a mass casualty incident. LATvives

Here’s a great idea that will stop shootings at parties: armed security to step in and stop these things from happening! We need to get smart! We need more armed security everywhere! Goddamnit. Put costume parties on the long fucking list. dnc gonna Democrats Why am I no longer surprised when another shooting happens?

Why am I not surprised that a mass shooting involved 20 year old males? Before we get excited about another MASS shooting. I'd like to remind people that the real mass is the 100 people who are shot and die per day, not the tip of the iceberg. Stats: Just a typical Tuesday in America. hahahahah GREAT thoughtsandprayers because apparently, that’s all we can do.

We’re gonna need at least a baker’s dozen before it’s news tbh

Democrats confront the prospect of a long primaryHillary entering? Please do I wanna see a 3 time loser Lol lost cause Realistically the top tier is Biden, Warren and Sanders. No one else is going to win.

We were due for one of these weren’t we? Seems like it’s been a while. You know there’s a Long Beach, NY too. Would be nice if you’d clarify your headlines. Good Morning America! Gang violence that the media pushes for gun control Won’t even crack the top 10 stories today. We are disgraceful. Mitch McConnell is evil. The Republican Party is complicit. NRA has painted targets on every man woman and child in their slavish, drooling, clawing pursuit of the almighty dollar. We suck.

Toughest gun laws did not help. 👎🏼 YoungKimCA RepKatieHill RepAndyKimNJ Samsung belgiumdgm MOFA_BELGIUM 3 dead and 9 hurt in Long Beach shooting So much for apparently being ‘Land of the free’ 😔 oh my goodness. Another tragedy

China’s Unicorn Population Flourishes, but for How Long?Heard on the Street: China’s number of private startups valued at over $1 billion now exceeds the U.S.’s, but funding is drying up and exit opportunities fading 哈哈哈哈那我们倒是看看十年之后谁更牛逼吗 I think someone's jealous...

If no suspect information is available you know it was not white nationalists

Syria Peace Talks to Open After a Long, Strange MonthA United States pullout, a Turkish invasion and a newly strengthened Syrian leader have reshaped the board for negotiations in Geneva. And NY Times continues to war monger! 👎👎👎 A strange month. Lol. turkey = ISIS

Kate Middleton and Prince William had a marriage pact long before their weddingThese two always knew they were destined to be together.

Selena Gomez Ditched Her Bob Hairstyle for Extra Long WavesIt looks exactly like her hair circa 2015.

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