3 dead, 4 hospitalized from unknown cause after 'party or event' in Pittsburgh

3 people are dead and 4 hospitalized after a 'party or event' on the south side of Pittsburgh, police say.


3 people are dead and 4 hospitalized after a 'party or event' on the south side of Pittsburgh, police say.

All seven victims were wearing orange paper wrist bands and police are trying to locate the venue that was distributing them.

Police Director Wendell Hissrich confirmed the deaths and hospitalizations on Sunday morning.

Five victims were found in one apartment and another victim was found in an elevator outside the apartment.

, and a man called 911 at approximately 2 a.m. for help.

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Scroll my Pittsburgh Twitter list for more coverage of this. WTH What in the world did they get into? Need more details on this ASAP

Three dead, 4 hospitalized after event in PittsburghAll the victims are wearing orange paper bands on their wrists, police said. Those hospitalized were conditions ranging from critical to serious.

At least 3 dead in Pittsburgh apartment party horrorAt least three partygoers, all wearing orange wristbands, died early Sunday and four others were hospitalized following a medical emergency at an apartment party in Pittsburgh, officials said. Some reports have police saying there was no sign of a party at the apartment. Conflicting info. Sounds like designer drugs

This is scary and suspicious as hell WristbandReformNOW

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