29 British Tweets That Made Us Laugh Out Loud This Week

29 British Tweets That Made Us Laugh Out Loud This Week

10/24/2020 1:06:00 PM

29 British Tweets That Made Us Laugh Out Loud This Week

'Why are trains so expensive? You going that way anyways, just drop me off.'

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Trump pardons Michael Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI

The move was long expected after Trump said in March he was 'strongly considering' pardoning Flynn.

Seventeen Play 29 Questions: Performance EditionTo become a better performer, pledis_17’s Dino (aka The Future Of K-pop) shares some sage advice: “It often isn’t systematic learning that makes you passionate — it’s about immersing yourself.” 세븐틴 Semicolon 세미콜론 SEVENTEEN pledis_17 THANK YOU REFINERY!!! pledis_17 SEVENTEEN pledis_17 DINOOOO pledis_17 DINO ❤🥰❤

29 Halloween TV Episodes That Are So Good, They Might Be The Best Of All Time'Oh my gosh! They killed Kenny!' HalloVeen is legit the best heist episode of the show. So good!!! Actually all Brooklyn 99 Halloween episodes.

Stimulus checks, census, 'crushing the virus': Where Pelosi, Mnuchin agree, disagree with just 11 days to electionThe two sides have made 'great progress' this week in stimulus negotiations but the lack of a deal made some legislators skeptical it was possible to finalize a package before the election. Just call it $2T and pass the Stimulus Package. What's another $100B or so at this point. PrintTheChecks

Prince William Gets Distracted by Fast Food, Sparks Hilarious TweetsThe fast food chain caught the Duke of Cambridge's roaming eye during a recent outing. Of course he does, 'merica has to rub off on him somehow

Kelly Rowland Shares How She Makes Time for Herself During PregnancyWatch Us Weekly’s show ‘Moms Like Us,’ which tackles all the celebrity parenting news of the week, shares exclusive interviews and more — details

Pelosi, Mnuchin to speak again when 'progress is made' on U.S. COVID-19 aid: Pelosi spokesmanU.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains hopeful a deal on coronavirus relief can be reached with the White House soon, a Pelosi spokesman wrote on Twitter. Politics is more important to Nancy than poor people She's a total train Wreck Jingo all the way.